Sweetacres Lolly Jar

Sweetacres Jar

Jaffas, Minties, & Fantales lollies were created in the 1920’s & 30’s, is just to name a few favourite lollies of yesteryear.
‘Sweetacres’, was the name the employees chose for the company in a competition, it replaced Lion Brand Confectionery across Australia

These lolly jars were POS displays to tempt you to buy what was in the jar. This one I found at a Garage sale just recently and now joins the growing display of Milk Bar Memorabilia in my man cave.

Sweetacres Jar Counter Display Dainty Maid

Coca Cola YoYo

Old Coca Cola YoYo Strings

In the 70’s, almost every year around summer time there was a new style of Coca Cola Yoyo introduced you could purchase from your local Milk Bar…….

These were always a huge craze, even international YoYo experts presented some great yoyo tricks each year for Coca Cola at shopping centres, Royal Shows, etc.

Coca Cola YoYo Strings

Here Pictured is one yoyo I have kept for many years, the graphics are a bit worn on one side. I even managed to keep 2 packs of strings and a display box.

There is some of these Yoyo’s that fetch good prices depending on rarity and condition. Have you still got a Yoyo from your teenage years, drop us a photo in the comment area below?

First Published : Aug 8th 2014

Twisties Knitted Jumper

Back in the 70’s part of Twisties advertising was a knitted jumper. Instructions of how to knit it at home were on a paper pad you tore of a slip, that was held by string & displayed where Twisties were sold.

“Twisties Put a sparkle in ya day  Mmmm”, was the slogan before the longest running one,”Life’s Pretty Straight without Twisties”! The commercials were zany, twisted with the obvious”cool” factor. Television Commercials for Twisties range from the 60’s to this day. More Twisties Promotional Gear here.

Chiko Handy Holder

A very cool promotion item from the makers of Chiko Roll. Send in 5 used wrappers for a chance to win. I sent in 2 lots of wrappers and received 2 Holders, what a cool collectible. These created a bit of a fuss on Ebay, some selling for around $100, realistically I’d say around $60, a great investment. They still have desirability and sell well, and as the years pass they will be even more popular. Thanks Chiko Roll for yet another very nice collectible.

Cadbury CaraMilk Block

In 2018, Cadbury produced the “CaraMilk” Block as a Limited Edition in Australia & New Zealand. The Australian blocks were re-called as they were known to have pieces of plastic from the factory process in the chocolate, therefore making it non consumable.
These 3 packets pictured were the actual re-called ones, the date was from the batches that were possibly affected. It created a bit of a collecting & selling frenzy by those wanting to keep one/some, and others just wanting to taste it. Some blocks on E-Bay sell for $50 ea, those that wern’t in the recall date period.. Caramilk, Yum!

Cadbury CaraMilk Recall Block Australia Special Edition

Cadbury CaraMilk Recall Block Australia Special Edition

Barnes Castlemaine Rock

Has it really come to the day that Barnes Castlemaine Rock Lollies will cease to be, July 2018 ?

Is this yet another GREAT Australian confection company to go Bye Bye? Ok, so confectionery isn’t what makes this a great country, but the companies that make these sweet treats have been around since the 1800’s, all I can say is Shame!

Let’s hope that this is not true and someone will come and save the Peppermint sweet from extinction. Here pictured is a 10 oz Tin Can of Castlemaine Rock I’ve had in my collection since the 70’s. I hope I have some good news to add to this story soon!!

Vegemite Rare Badge

Vegemite Rare

This lil fella has been with me a long time, I’d say late 70’s.

This Vegemite Badge / Button is a Vegemite promo, switch it on and it plays “Im a Happy Little Vegemite”, and the lights flash. Unfortunately this one doesn’t play the song anymore, it could be fixed, I just need time to look at it, a wire is probably loose. Curious to know does anyone else have one of these. If so, please leave a comment below.

Also pictured is the Cadbury block with Vegemite infused Chocolate..

YUK.. Did you ever try it? I played a trick on some mate kids who visited, I swapped the wrapper and asked them if they wanted some chocolate, the look on their face once they realised was priceless. Guess they wont be asking me for Chocolate again! 🙂

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Confection Tins

Confection Tins

Chocolate Boxes & Lollies in a Tin were popular gifts or family treats to share, booth are still popular today. SweetAcres, Pascall, Minties, Cadbury and many more, sweetened our lives!
Pascall Bon Bons were are favourite for many, here pictured are some pre-decimal 1lb tins or Bon Bons. Also pictured is 3 tins from James Confections in Abbotsford Vic. I have quite a few more to add when I make some time.

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Cleaning Products

Vintage Cleaning Products

“A little dab’ll do ya”, “Your soaking in it”, “Brusha Brusha Busha”, dittys and slogans that sell cleaning products. “Whiter than White”, “Cleaner than Clean” are some of the “advertising puffs” used to sell brand X.

When it comes to cleaning, the kitchen, laundry, bathroom or even your teeth, there is a product out there that claims they do it better than all the other brands!

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Streets Ice Cream Cards

Streets Display Cards

I Recently acquired these point of sale display cards (some doubles) in perfect condition. I was told they were given to a primary school from an ex Streets Salesman as a fairly thick cardboard for kids to paint and draw on.

They were stashed away and re-discovered only to be auctioned off as a lot because the content promoted un-healthy snack for kids. Some are already sold out, others there is still a few more to go. Great posters to put aside. These are the ones the go on the large display usually at the back of the Milk Bar counter like the one pictured in gallery.

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Fags To Fads 95

  • Wantirna MilkBar Melbourne

In 1995 the infamous cigarette lollies “Fags” was renamed to “Fads” thanks to political correctness. This Fads packet pictured is quite rare as these ones used the old packet design with just the name changed. Fads soon changed their packets to a psychedelic look packet seen today.

Fags Fads Retro Packets

The ingredients changed slightly by adding (122) Flavour / Colour

More on Fags Here

Fads Lollies Old Newspaper Clipping

Fags Fads Retro Packets Lollies Ingredients

Manufactured By shows a Moorabbin & Nth Fitzroy addresses, Victoria.Fags Fads Retro Packets Lollies Ingredients


Hoadleys Showbag

Hoadleys Showbag Vintage

Hoadleys used to be a confection brand made in Australia, bought out by Rowntree. One of my favourite showbags was always the Hoadleys one, as it always had lots of chocolate goodies.

Hoadleys were the orginators of the White Knight choc bar depicted on the side of this bag, which is no longer available, just like the Polly Waffle which was originally Hoadleys too.

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Polly Waffle

Polly Waffle Vintage Bar
Polly Waffle was created by Hoadley Chocolates which opened in 1889, originally a jam factory in South Melbourne, Victoria. They produced the first Polly Waffle bar in 1947.

The company was acquired by Rowntree’s and was renamed to Rowntree Hoadley around 1988, later to be taken over by Nestlé.

In the 1970s the advertising “tag line” for Polly Waffle was “mmm, crunch, aah usually depicting young people enjoying them self in cafes, ice skating rinks and the like!”.

A new recipe & wrapper for the Polly Waffle bar was released around 1999 (pictured above). Some would say it was the demise of the Polly Waffle.

Nestlé discontinued the chocolate bar after 62 years due to apparently poor sales. There is a facebook page today that is called “Bring back the Polly Waffle”. One Australian small confection company has tried to reproduce the flavour and idea which so far has been slow to take off.


Allens Vintage Lollies

Allen’s Lollies Money Box

Whenever I think Allen’s Lollies, I think of the huge colourful neon animated light near Flinders St Station in Melbourne (long gone).
Also I remember them for the great choice in lollies. Steam Rollers (pic below), Redskins, Jaffas and the list goes on.

Pictured below is one of the many money boxes that came out full of lollies, 1 & 1/4 pound that you could re-fill with $avings. The were shapes like Kangaroos, Koalas, Clowns and many more were distributed over a few year period as a promotion.

We all know and still like Steam Rollers. Allen’s added some weird and wonderful flavours at one stage, these are just two of them.


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Originally Published on: Jun 20, 2016

Chokito Vintage 80’s

Chokito’s a Nestle confection bar that was introduced in the 70’s to Australia, it is still around today in selected stores, after a break from circulation, re-launched in 2010. The slogan or “tag line” from the late 70’s and early 80’s was “Chokito Gets You Going”. Hush were a 70’s Aussie rock band that did a commercial for this chocolate bar using that tagline, I’ve been unable to find any source for that commercial. The pictured wrapper is from the 80’s.

Cadbury Yowies

Cadbury Vintage Yowies

Yowies were released in Australia around 1995, however the Yowie characters were created in 1990 by Bryce Courtenay & Geoff Pike.

Cadbury sold the chocolate which had a toy inside, and was a huge hit among kids, selling more units that it’s competition Kinder Surprise, and was a Cadbury best selling brand.

Cadbury wanted to expand the brand internationally but the best selling authours didnt agree upon this, even after disputing with lawyers, so the brand was no longer sold after the year 2000.

Yowie Group Ltd was formed and have re-released the brand to an American base
so we may even see them back in Australia. Pictured is some of the small plush characters that were sold or prize giveaways.

Below is some small plastic Yowies (played with) … & the back side of the swing tag from Yowies in 1999

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Melbourne Milkbars

Melbourne Milk Bars

Melbourne still has some MilkBars scattered throughout the outer suburbs.

I managed to grab a few photos during a visit to Ringwood, it’s great to see some still operating.

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Old Ice Cream Tins

Old Icecream Tins

Up until the 90’s some ice cream was sold in tins, and of course plastic. Before that they were sold in bricks / blocks wrapped in a wax type paper or cardboard that easily fit into smaller freezers in home fridges.

Over the years I have slowly collected a few of them when I have seen them for a good price and in reasonable condition. Here is just a few for memories.

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