Rowntree Hoadley

Hoadleys was an Australian born confectionery company that succeeded for many years.

Hoadleys created some of Australia’s favourite brand names like Violet Crumble, Polly Waffle, Tex Bar, and some still exist today……
Acquired in 1970’s by Rowntrees (British), hence re-name to Rowntree-Hoadley, and continued using that brand til sold again to multi national Nestle in 1988.

Milk Bar Signs Hoadleys Violet Crumble

Milk Bar Cardboard Sign Hoadleys Violet Crumble

For a great story on Hoadleys Violet Crumble history read this blog by Lynne Buckler Walsh

RownTree Hoadley Vintage Advertising Easter Poster
This is a selection of Chocolate Boxes depicting different stages of Rowntree Hoadley, they also produced Mackintosh’s Quality Street selections. I have a tin I will photograph and add here. The posters below are large cardboard advertising.


Rowntrees Dairy Box Vintage Chocolate BoxHoadleys Vintage Black Cat Chocolates Box

Hoadleys Vintage Violet Milk Chocolates Box

More Pictures for Members

My cardboard shop adverts from that period…..

More Poster Pictures For Members

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