Mr Squiggle Plush Toy 1960-70’s

Mr Squiggle

One of the longest playing children’s television shows in Australia’s history… Mr Squiggle! The man from the Moon with his trusty “Rocket”! Space travel, ufo’s, ray guns etc was big with kids toys in the 60’s, so Mr Squiggle was very fitting for that era watched by many baby boomers and beyond.

Norman Hetherington was the creator and master behind Mr Squiggle, the blackboard drawing man from the moon!

Mr Squiggle has never returned to television from the moon for many years, and now that Norman Hetherington has sadly passed, Mr Squiggle will surely be no more…. that I know of anyway, he may make a come back in a few years in these modern days!.

There seems to be some confusion about Mr Squiggle the toy character (plush toy). Many people have only recently taken a huge interest in Squiggle, Hetherington’s death has most likely been the catalyst. Not long ago on e-bay he didnt fetch a good price, but now more want him, the competition bidding has stepped up a notch some reaching $100.00, pending condition, vintage etc!

The pictured Mr Squiggle (above right) is one of the originals ever made, and at the time of production had a patent pending with Hetherington’s and ABC’s authority. The other smaller Mr Squiggle is “Lil Mr Squiggle” from just not long after the patent pending version, a pocket size Squiggle

Kidz Biz made a Mr Squiggle in the 1990’s which is distinctively different from the 1960-70’s version, especially the eyes which are now plastic button style. ( see photos). Colors are one difference, 1990’s version pencil doesn’t have black lines, his feet are more curled, hands are more defined, bow is not as big, neck has ridges and extends.

I would really like to find a Bill Steamshovel, another character from the children’s television show from ABC. I’m not sure if they made one at all, I thought of creating one to go with my Squiggle collection.

Hope that helps those in the market for buying a Mr Squiggle for their collection.

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Brockhoff’s Biscuits

Back in the 70’s my mother worked at the Brockhoff’s factory in Burwood Melbourne Victoria. She sustained an injury from working in the factory and they were reluctant to pay any compensation.

So, therefore in our household ‘Brockhoffs’ was a swear word. LOL

The company was bought by Arnott’s Biscuits and the rest is history.

Here is some history pictured from my collection …

Dundee Shortbread tin especially for Christmas 1957. The Brockhoff’s Biscuit Head Barrel was the Brockhoff’s Baker character. This barrel is rare in that it has the paper headband with “Frosted Mint” Ripple Biscuits, and a song sticker on the back, most have these parts removed. See valuation in the image’s caption.

Brockhoff's Biscuit Man And 1957 Christmas Tin

Brockhoff’s Biscuit Man And 1957 Christmas Tin

On the back of the head is has the song sung in the commercial….

Clap hands here comes the Brockhoff’s Baker

Clap hands here some the Brockhoff’s Man

With his oven crisp biscuits tasty and nice,

So rich with butter, sugar and spice

Clap hands for the Brockhoff’s Biscuit Man

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Minties 1950’s Truck from Royal Show

Had to share this lil fella with you, he certainly creates some interest in my collection. Distributed by SweetAcres who were a confectionery company in Roseberry NSW. From their factory they produced such iconic brands as Fantales, Jaffas & Throaties, some for Stedman-Henderson who patented Minties.

These plastic trucks were apparently offered out at the royal shows, Melbourne and Sydney especially full of your favourite chewy mints … Minties. He is in good original used condition except for the wheels. The wheels that came on this where white tyres and black rims, I have two of the original ones but you must admit these ones with chrome and black tyre are pimpin!!

This one has a red van and aqua cabin head which screws off so you could get the Minties out, or use it to store toys n stuff. Many of these that I see have the truck colours around the other way. There is a little loop at the front so kids could put a string on it and pull it around.

Many of these brand names were acquired in 1971 by Hoadley Chocolates, who then joined forces and became Rowntree Hoadley, and now unfortunately have been bought out by the global multi national company of Nestle, originally distributors of these brands in the 30’s … See Nestle Peters Logo Blog Here
In my opinion, over time Nestle have destroyed the original character of these Aussie Icons… Peter’s Icecream is a good example. thank goodness this brand name is now back in the hands and ownership of Aussies. (sorry to say, looks like being sold overseas again)

No wonder the stuff of our Aussie born and bred companies is becoming so collectible, it’s a proud past of these many small businesses who grew and created this Lucky Country.

A bit of a rarity these days, you gotta love his smile, it makes you grin!

1950’s Postcard Shots

Old Postcards Scenes

At a garage sale I found a stack of old 1950’s postcards, the pictures I’ve chosen are street scenes from Tenterfield, Bega, Albury, Mudgee, Grafton, Cowra, Orbost NSW & Hobart, Port Arthur Tas, Toowoomba QLD.

I have sold a few of them on E-Bay, and as I do sell them, I take photos of each picture…

Here is some for you to enjoy… I’ll add some more soon.

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Cowboy Jigsaws

I found this vintage game at the op-shop the other day. I got it for $2 cause I said to the lady, often there is pieces missing and it disappoints you if they not all there.

So the deal was struck and I couldn’t wait to get home and see if it was all there, the whole 4 of them!

Yeppers, they were all there, and everything was included.

The scenes are very American cowboy 60’s and the game is made in Britain?

Coffee Home Made Aust.

I Love Coffee! A good friend turned me on to the REAL coffee a many years ago and I’ve become an addict! LOL.

Recently I learned how to harvest, prepare and roast coffee at home for a great cappuccino. I have a Sunbeam Espresso machine and grinder, occasionally I like to buy the roasted beans and wanted to share my findings and experiments with you.

GROWING in our backyard, when I moved to this coastal town south of Coffs Harbour, was a well established coffee tree, and when they became red I wanted to harvest them, so I got on the net and did some research.

REMOVE First the red pulpy exterior, I simply squeezed and they popped out. It can be eaten, it’s sweet!

SOAK the beans for up to 48 hours to get rid on the slimy film that covers them.

DRYING can take place simply outside in a space that gets semi sun. Dry until beans have 12% moisture left.

ROASTING can be done with many methods. I chose the popcorn popper method which utilises a 1200 Watt style popper. I found a Black & Decker at a garage sale for $2.00 that suited. THESE POPPING MACHINES, are not designed to Roast Coffee, (but can do), use with upmost caution.

METHOD. I turned the popper on (30 secs) then filled about half of the pop corm cooking cylinder with green beans. It should take about 5 to 8 mins depending on the style of roast you are after, from city to dark.

From this roasting batch I have learned you have to fill the cylinder with a lot of beans so they swirl slowly in the popper to keep the heat or else you wont get the ‘first crack’. I never heard first crack, so I continued to roast them for nearly 15 mins (wrong) and the machine made a bright spark and stopped.

I managed to fix the popper, the heat coil wire had broken so I re-joined it and voila, it worked. Please do not try this unless you are sure you know what you are doing!

Next Roast, I will photograph and document in detail, my method.

I took off the shells that still surrounded the beans, (these should have come off during roasting), lo and behold, there was a beautiful roasted bean inside. I ground the beans after 24 hours and made a coffee, the bean had quite a nice flavour and was actually sweet rather than bitter, interesting!

My Equipment, ie: Espresso machine, grinders, roaster, etc I will go into detail one day .. Cheers.

I have been using for a long time now a coffee that I bought at the supermarket and it was pretty cheap for a good cuppa. I thought maybe the taste would be cheap too, but, lo and behold, the flavour was good, and I still use the same coffee a lot today. It is by Delta and is called Chico Doro, only at Woolworths pretty much, and costs around $3.00 a 200gm pack.

Ventriloquist Doll Restore

This little project had me excited!
Many years ago when I had my hair businesses, one shop was decorated with retro vintage things I collected on the weekends.

My clients saw what I was doing, some thought it was junk for the skip, others saw it’s value, especially one client an antique dealer Val Booth from Malvern Antiques. Others mentioned they had some old junk at home that they were happy to swap for a haircut. So the bargaining began!

One of the bargains was a little fella I have recently named “Rebel”. He has had a restoration and I’m so proud of him he is a prize in my collection.

I did the restoration myself, and I’m a male! BUT I DO NOT ADVISE THIS FOR OTHERS…~! Rebel started to fade quickly in his shoe box as the years went by, somehow the heat and moisture in the atmosphere was “cracking” him up!
Having a hectic life for many years I saw his deterioration and decided if anything, I would lightly spray him with a hairspray I knew was not full of chemicals to hold him together until I had time, as the paint you can see in the images was being destroyed and I wasn’t keen for this to happen to my ventriloquist toy doll !

If you read my other pages on PetersMilkBar you will see I have had a “revival” of sorts for my vintage collection. Rebel was bothering me with his sad condition, so I got on the web and found the most valuable information about restoring dolls. Truly, the most valuable.

After reading the above information I had decided that Rebel and I couldn’t afford to go see the doll doctor, so this special surgery had to be done at home! Yes peeps a “backyard” job OMG!! Do you feel the nightmare coming on?

Well, most of you can rest assured, this advise has saved Rebel’s life. Rebel is pimpin the “BRAND NEW ya’ll!” It is probably not the 100% professional job of a qualified doll restorer, but hey, me n Rebel is chuffed with the make-over, check it out for yourself.
I cannot THANK ENOUGH the information that I scored at “” Lousies Little Ladies , your words on the web are worth spreading. PLEASE, DO NOT try this RESTORATION at home if your not way confident ! If you have a doll that is precious, please seek professional advise or services, this is not for the faint hearted!!!

Sorry to not take your advice Louise, but Rebel was my defintie “basket case” so he was “it”, & this restoration had to work, so I took my time. Being a graphic artist and hair colorist and artist gave me an advantage. This process is not as easy as it seems and the hours it took were many.

There was the process to remove the “brownish” stain seeping from the composite or maybe the hairspray residue, either way it was removed with a 2% peroxide by lightly dabbing, this was done before the acrylic paint went on as I thought this would eventually bleed through again, hence my OWN choice to do this. Not sure what Louise would say about this, I thought it was a fairly safe option, I could be wrong.

Also, somehow a bloody cockroach got in the box and laid an egg right on his eye as you can see in the pics. This disgusting thing was removed without damage with a dab of 5% peroxide and tweezers.

The painting part of him was intense, I could have been over zealous with my application in areas but hey, Rebel was a case, see the photos for yourself. The black paint nearly gave me a coronary, just as it can when coloring hair with multiple colors, so DEFINITELY DON’T do the black paint yourself. The red on the lips was done with one of my lorikeets feathers so I could get a fine line, again not a recommendation to yourself though!

Thanks for reading, hope this information gave you the inspiration to restore a doll professionally, or even by yourself, but do remember this is a skilled procedure. Similar to what Louise says, if you want a good color for your hair, you seek a professional, doing it at home can have dire consequences. Otherwise, have fun with it! I DID!

Some finer details and tweaking are yet to be done on Rebel’s paint job, I hope to update pics of these minor things at some stage, and also when I find him the coolest clothes ever.. Long Live Rebel!!!
PS. Thank Jennifer Harry for your paints and hairdresser quality mixing of the paint to get the right color, you’re supreme!

OzeMite Vs Vegemite

Ozemite Vs Vegemite

Dick Smith Foods now has Ozemite on supermarket shelves, and I finally got my hands on a jar. Woolworths, and some IGA supermarkets definitely have it so pick yourself up a jar and be pleasantly surprised!

One big advantage of OzEmite that I discovered is that it is sooo easy to spread, unlike Vegemite, on say toast, it balls up as you spread it cause it is too thick. OzEmite has a very similar flavour to vegemite, however I think OzEmite wins cause Vegemite in comparison, is too salty. Ozemite tastes great in soups to add flavour, even as a hot drink, or my favourite, on crackers.

OzEmite is 100% Australian made and owned, the best reason to buy it, where as Vegemite, most of the profits go overseas cause it’s American owned by kraft(y) so and so’s ..

I called Vegemite to let them know I wasn’t happy about them putting the map and word ‘Australia’ together on the front of a commercial jar for a commemorative occasion. It is not Australian made & owned, and personally I am insulted at such a marketing ploy … and I told em so .. Imagine coca-cola putting similar ‘America’ on it’s bottles!

The creepy corporate on the end of the phone told me in a “prescribed” lingo, that I’m translating simply to .. “It’s still an Australian owned company sir” .. I reluctantly retreated, and closed the call, with no way of protruding his spiel! .. I say to you folk, TRY OZEMITE for yourself, make your own choice!!

I’m clearly not just saying, ‘don’t buy overseas products’, Im giving you some info to make a personal choice! Jobs for our children’s future, Aussie pride & flavour, should be taken into consideration.

So .. for me, it’s good-bye to Vegemite, and HELLO, OzEmite. Don’t just take my word for it.. grab a jar of OzEmite today and be a proud Australian!!

This video is great doing a taste test… View Video Here

Peter’s Zig N Zag

I went looking for some memorabilia from “Peter’s Fun Fair” Television Show and in particular the clowns Zig n Zag that used to promote products, play gags and give away prizes to children . I believe they also appeared earlier on The Happy Show around late 50’s.


Zag had a Peters ice cream cone on his head, Zig had the icecream tub with stripes…
Wonder what happened to those hats, perhaps I should reproduce them!

These two entertained kids on TV for over 40 years. Unfortunately one of them had child abuse allegations and the pair never spoke or performed again.

If you know of any memorabilia from Zig n Zag please let me know.

The only pieces I have been able to score was from E-Bay, which is a sticker & a postcard, see pictured.

Thanks David for coming forward with some great info to share re Zig N Zag… See here >>>

My Urunga & Bellingen 2016

Urunga, where the ‘mountains meet the sea’.
The name is indigenous, meaning “long white sands”.

Bellingen is just a 10 min drive from here toward the mountains and is a magic little historic town with an alternative feel and population. It’s diversity is welcoming. Here’s my wrap-up & photos of the region.

Urunga NSW Hungry Head Surf BeachUrunga NSW Pelicans in the SkyUrunga NSW Sunrise Anzac Day 2015Urunga NSW Surf Beach FishermanUrunga NSW Surf BeachUrunga Sun Going Down During Bush Fire 1Urunga Sun Going Down During Bush FireUrunga BoardWalk








I have lived on the Coffs Coast for seven years now and enjoy the beach side living. I reside in the small beachside township of Urunga just off the old Pac Hwy = (Giinigay Way), recently bypassed.

Boardwalk Urunga

Urunga’s population varies being a tourist destination, and is more ‘family’ and elderly orientated. There is the pub for entertainment, The Ocean View Hotel   is a stunning old historic pub with a “local” feel to it,  managers  Katrina & Graeme  have some great live entertainment weekly..

The Bowlo, Golf Club and don’t forget award winning Anchors Wharf Cafe  for the best seafood in style…

Urunga Carols 2013 NSW Urunga Carols Fun 2013 Urunga Carols Stage Show 2013

Urunga is not as diverse as Bellingen.  I always thought Urunga would make a great “cafe precinct”, lo and behold,  there is now another Restaurant on Bonville St, also well appointed, opened Dec 2013. Embers Wood Fired Pizza Pasta 

In the past few years there has been a lot of construction going on. We have a new Medical Centre, Bowling Club, Restaurants and cafes, including Vinnies and other businesses, the town is taking a new shape, in general Urunga is thriving. We have unfortunately seen the closure of the local hardware. After some re-furbishment, the old hardware is now a Wood Fired Pizza and Pasta Restaurant… you MUST eat here…Yum! Some great new owners of the Newsagency, town is looking good.

Urunga NSW Boardwalk & BeachUrunga NSW Ocean View Hotel


The local Chamber of Commerce has the community in mind with several events drawing thousands to the town. Father’s & Mothers’s Day Picnic in the Park, Carols Urunga, in December, Sculptures in the Park and more events can be found on the Urunga Mylestom Chamber of Commerce website.


Hungry HeadThe Boardwalk is a real feature I reckon, it brings the town to the beach, and is a great spot to view sea life and birds. The complete project of the boardwalk was completed in the past few years and now goes all the way to the ocean, the colors seen at sunset /sunrise are spectacular!

The photo (above)  is Hungry Head headland over looking the beach, this is where the Surf Life Saving Club is.

Urunga NSW Anchors Wharf Cafe Urunga NSW Golf Course

A beautiful looking town with Historic buildings, it has an diverse community including families, alternate lifestylers, trendy, hippies, greenies, cultural, gay & lesbian, etc.

Nestled in the hills beneath Dorrigo you will find, massage therapies, healing, yoga, landcare,  festivals,  markets, solar services …. Bello is a must see on your travel itinerary, eat at Chilli Affair for a awesome Indian or Asian meal to tantalize your taste buds.  You will LOVE Bellingen

Business Recommendations

CutzBothWays Hair Salon – Urunga’s Best Hair n Beauty
Mick’s Garden – Michael Harry
Stitches in Style – 6655 5363 – Embroidery Service
Hickeys Garage – Fuel & Discount Tyres

Anchors Wharf Cafe
Embers Wood Fired Pizza Pasta Embers Website
Boardwalk Cafe – NEW Owners March 2015
SPAR – Food Supermarket
Club Urunga – 6655 6258 – Bowling Club
The Kabana –  6655 6582 – Luxury Accommodation . Gay Friendly
Caroline Sharkey Textile Artist






Arnotts Clown Tin

Arnotts Clown Tin

Phreaky looking clown huh? I met a lady at a garage sale and she asked me if I would be interested in buying some old biscuit tins. I got her number and went over to her house the other day and she had some interesting tit bits, including “My Brand” prophylactics (condoms) from Australia in the 30’s.

But, out of the lot is this odd, vintage tin from Arnotts Biscuits, circa 1960’s … Little rust spots only on lid (fair condition), base is great (good condition), and in general ok shape for $1. ..