Supreme Mouse Traps

There is a great story behind this Aussie Creation. Arnold Standfield from Kyogle Nth NSW searched junk yards during WW2 to find scrap metal to build a trap making machine. It cut wire and made springs that assembled and branded these mouse traps pictured… The Supreme Machine!

Supreme Vintage Mouse Traps Australian Made

The machine came about in 1943 and was used up to Y2K. The original machines he created were often repaired but never replaced. There is an original machine on display at the Powerhouse Museum.

The one price tag on these samples from my collection has 23c, so this must have been from 1970’s… Not sure how many of these are still around but I will keep my eyes out for more. There is some new repro ones for sale, same logo but with “Original Australian Design” instead of Made in Australia. There used to be an old EzeSet Supreme Rat Trap too, hopefully garage sales will be the place to find one.

Old Twisties Promotional

Twisties Promotional Vintage

Twisties snack food has had some great promotional items to encourage kids to choose their brand over others… success! Here is a few of promotional items from my collection.

(1)  Am-Fm Radio  (2)  A Paper Stunt Glider  (3)  Paddle (missing ball & string)
(4)  Plastic Satchel Prize  (5) Twisties Showbag showing both sides

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