Old Grocery Packing Boxes

Old Cardboard Boxes

Even today groceries still come in cardboard packaging for transit and storage. Here’s a few I kept of a by gone era, pre decimal, these usually came in 1 or 2 dozen cases……

Wooden boxes are still used for some things like fruit, I remember the orchards near us when I was a kid in Melbourne outer suburbs used to pack their apples into wood crates stacked high.

Our local green grocer, Mr Collins, used to put some apples that had almost reached their use-by into a wood crate out the back and let us kids have a freebie or two after school.

Old Paper Grocery Bags


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Uncle Sam Deodorant

You Need Uncle Sam
in the Stars n Stripes Can
It’s the Perfect Connection
for Fellas & Girls
Cause Under your Arm
Is the Top of The World !

…………….    NO SWEAT!!      …………………….

The jingle was catchy,  & the graphics on the deodorant can really popped…
A Brilliant Piece of marketing from the 70’s that was only short lived…

Pictured in gallery is a 45RPM plastic flexible Record of the jingle they sang in the TV Ad. Also a Poster, Sticker and Underarm cloth patches that they wore in the commercial, you can see them in the Youtube clip below.
Piero von Arnim, was the man behind the rather garish costume and top hat, that was Uncle Sam, born in 1950 and passed in 2012.
Piero became so recognisable,  some women mobbed & chased him from a beach in Melbourne.  This quick fame made him leave Australia for a while to avoid the hooplah.

If any body has an old can of this aerosol deodorant, Shampoo or even a roll on, Im sure keen to purchase it!

Yep…Spray it again Sam!

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Vintage Samboy Chips

Samboy Chips

They are back…The Samboy chip, the chip that “Really Hits You”
Atomic Tomato, Salt n Vinegar & BBQ…SAME great taste and your supporting an Aussie gem! Pictured is many obsolete flavours, including  a 90’s Large Advertising Milk Bar Poster Depicting garage door & brick wall with slogan “The flavour Hits You!”. Australian made and owned…. these are our pastime faves!

Below is many different packs of Samboy.. I have many more to photograph for you in the coming months.

Photographed are some vintage Samboy chips from my own collection that one time could be found in any Milk Bar, Service Station or Supermarket. The multi pack with a large 12 on it is from 2001.

In 2003-2004 Arnotts acquired the brand and discontinued the ‘Atomic Tomato’ flavour. After a short spell they returned in 2008 acquired by Snack Brands Aust, due to demand from groups on social networking.

Hotdog Mustard, Pizza Punch, Super Chicken,  Mexican Mayhem, Savage Salt n Vinegar, Cheese Rush, some even had an added Flavour sachet Bomb  (see S&V pictured below)

More Chip Packets Here

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