Dickheads Matches

Dickhead Matches

It was a brave marketing on behalf of Dick Smith to not only call these matches Dickheads, but to place them in direct competition to Redheads.

Redheads used to be Australian owned by Bryant & May, they had a huge production factory in Richmond Victoria around the 80’s, Redheads are now owned by an overseas company.

This display box had 100 packs (50 pictured) with 25 contents and often seen in Tobacconist and Milk Bars in the beginning of this millennium. From 25 matches to 22 to 20, and short lived they no longer were sold.

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Choo Choo Bar is Back!

Remember these lil beauties, this is an original display pack before they were discontinued ?

Had my first taste of the NEW Choo Choo Bar. They’re Back! Ahhhh that all familiar licorice flavour you remember from the 60’s and 70’s.
Now they also have Raspberry which Im yet to try but will get my hands on some soon and let you all know. This is Lagoon’s new new packaging.

Lagoon Confectioners are the makers of the original Sherbet Bomb which they produced back in the 30’s… well they now have the rights to produce and own the new, but Original Choo Choo bar.

Lagoon is an Australian company that has been around since about 1929 ..
Yes, one of the original confectioners that is still around and proudly Aussie owned. Good on them for keeping it Australian and bringing back a much loved confection. Anyway my verdict is, they bloody tasty, sticky, sugary goodness!

Reminds me of the “Licorice Blocks” we used to get 5 for 2 cents. I know some Australian company tried to re-live these lollies but maybe Lagoon
are so good at it, they can bring back “Licorice Blocks”!!! Hint Hint!!

Lagoon Confectioners can be found on the web Here.

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Vintage Medicinal

Medicinal Medicines

Remember Mechcurichrome ? The bright red or purple stuff applied to cuts as a kid to stop infection? As it contained mercury you can imagine it is no longer available at shops…

Milk Bars always carried the essential first aid items, Chemists carried a lot more,   here pictured is some from our past, and some even into our present day.

Bex is Better! … “A little Dab will do You”! … “Brusha Brusha Brusha, Ipana Fluoride Plus” …Just some of the slogans & dittys from our favourite headache pills or ointments & creams.

And those days when a Band Aid from Mum fixed everything?

Thermogene, Vicks, Nixoderm, Doans, Ford Pills, Laxettes, Beechams, RHU, Andrews, Eno….. you could find these and more in your Grandmas medicine cabinet or case.  It is amazing the old products that emerge from deceased estates, most people (beneficiaries) throw them out thinking they are worth $0, but luckily some you find at garage sales  often found in the bottom of boxes, so dig deep!

The items from this shelf are pictured below individually for Members .. includes :: Huskeys, RHU Pills, Bex, Beechams, Nyal, DeWitts, Spray Fresh, Laxettes, May Breath and more….

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Vintage Tin Cans

Old Grocery Tins

In the small grocery section of the Milk Bar you often found canned food, especially fruit n vegetables.

SPC, IXL, Cottees, Tom Piper, Edgells, etc were major canneries in Australia. Then there is some like this one pictured in gallery called “Gold Coaster Beetroot”, that were smaller operable companies back in the 50 -60’s. Commercial canning in Australia has been happening for as long as 70 -100 years… Tin cans actually had tin in them which was later to be found not so good for health reasons.

Here photographed is some samples from my collection…. as you can see the graphics were from a more “innocent” era and were very 2D in comparison to those of today with their more skeuomorphismic  designs, ie: 3D logos that  emulate something from the real world….

Some had paper labels and others were lithographed from around 1890, where both labeling processes have still continued…. today old lithographed tins fetch handsome dollars for a collector, especially if they are in good shape….. please login to see the pictures on this site.

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Vintage Cheezels

Milk Bar Signs Old Cheezels Cardboard

Cheezels were introduced around 1971 by APD Snack Brands that were also known for Thins, Samboy, CC’s, & French Fries.

Here is some advertising from my collection including  chip packets and posters.
Vintage Cheezels Pack



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Twisties Oven Shrinkies

Twisties Oven Shrunk Shrinkies 70's

Twisties Oven Shrunk Shrinkies 70’s.

In the 70’s, before potato chips came in shiny foil packs, they came in a more transparent type plastic.

If you put them in the oven at around 170 between two trays, or glass bakeware lids, for around a few minutes they would shrink into a mini pack that a lot of people used for key chain decoration or kids did just for kicks.

Here’s some samples of them I preserved from the late 70’s, see they have key chain holes … the matchbox is only for size comparison.


Here is some photos below that show some old 70’s 80’s packaging. A visitor to the site, Johnno had an interesting question. He was interested to know how much the Twisties ingredients had changed over the years…  So Johnno, hope this answers your question. One thing I noticed is the weight of smallest size pack went from 15 grams to 50 grams (sold individually).

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Gobbledok .. Chippies! Smiths Chips

“Chippie Chippie Chippie” … Bring back memories?
What a funny character, but a clever advertising one too!

Gobbledok Poster Do the Dok

The Gobbledok grabbed my attention, Im sure he made me buy more Smith’s chips.

I scored this poster (right) in the late 80’s from a local milk bar in Ringwood Victoria, it used to go above the chips display rack.  Asking the milk bar owner politely if I could have it when they were done with it, and here it is, still have it today. Looks like a few break dancers on potato planet Dok, doing “The Dok” .. WTF?

Well, sales of chips for Smiths increased with the launch of this lil fella that was only supposed to be a one-of for a commercial shoot to promote the new “Fresh Seal” (foil lining) packets.. this is when I began collecting chip packets.GobbleDok Smiths Chips Milk Bar Signs

More recently acquired this GobbleDok Poster….

Vintage Smiths Chips Packets Here




Vintage Fanta

While I was tidying stuff under the house the other day I came across this lil beauty, although a bit tattered, most of it was ok so I give it a soapy wash and here it is.Fanta Bottle Mini Vintage

A stubby Fanta Bottle with polystyrene ( foam ) insulated surround.
I remember these back in say the 80’s maybe earlier, I used to drink them as often I chose Fanta over Coke.

The young bloke that lives with me had never seen one. I looked them up on the web and they seem quite rare, so this will make a great addition to my ‘milk bar” collection .. The thrill when you find something like this, it’s what makes me a collector I think!

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