Colvan Chips

Colvan Chips

Graham Kennedy & Bert Newton had their own way of advertising products back in the day, Colvan was no exception to their amusing antics.

One notable live advert was when Graham Kennedy opened a pack of Colvan Chips and began to smash the chips up with a rubber mallet so he could show the viewers exactly how much air was in the bag of chips.. not much has changed ay?

These days that would be seen as commercial suicide for that product, however Graham had a way with making it sooo funny that people would go out and buy the product because they remember the hilarious antics of Graham on IMT TV show.

Not the pack he had on screen, but here is an even earlier version of “Straws” for just 5c. Note that it has “Samboy Chips” as a suggestion on the back of the pack, seems Colvan were the originators of the infamous chips named Samboy.

Another interesting fact is that a “serve” was definitely a lot less back in the day in comparison to the HUGE packs we consume today.. As far as I know Colvan does not exist today the last packet I ever found of them was back in the 2003, more about Colvan here on this page

I do know….

A bloke called Teddy Mayes (founder of Meadow Lea) was a delivery man, carting around margarine in Melbourne’s Caulfield area. For Melbourne Cup in 1942, he advised people on his run and said, “If it looked like rain, to back Colonus!”

Teddy threw a few pounds on the long-shot, it rained, and he was a winner. He used some splash to buy his two sons named Colin and Ivan a chip business, and named it Colvan after them. For 30 years, Colvan chips was an Aussie icon.