Polly Waffle

Polly Waffle Vintage Bar
Polly Waffle was created by Hoadley Chocolates which opened in 1889, originally a jam factory in South Melbourne, Victoria. They produced the first Polly Waffle bar in 1947.

The company was acquired by Rowntree’s and was renamed to Rowntree Hoadley around 1988, later to be taken over by NestlĂ©.

In the 1970s the advertising “tag line” for Polly Waffle was “mmm, crunch, aah usually depicting young people enjoying them self in cafes, ice skating rinks and the like!”.

A new recipe & wrapper for the Polly Waffle bar was released around 1999 (pictured above). Some would say it was the demise of the Polly Waffle.

NestlĂ© discontinued the chocolate bar after 62 years due to apparently poor sales. There is a facebook page today that is called “Bring back the Polly Waffle”. One Australian small confection company has tried to reproduce the flavour and idea which so far has been slow to take off.


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