Twisties Oven Shrinkies

Twisties Oven Shrunk Shrinkies 70's

Twisties Oven Shrunk Shrinkies 70’s.

In the 70’s, before potato chips came in shiny foil packs, they came in a more transparent type plastic.

If you put them in the oven at around 170 between two trays, or glass bakeware lids, for around a few minutes they would shrink into a mini pack that a lot of people used for key chain decoration or kids did just for kicks.

Here’s some samples of them I preserved from the late 70’s, see they have key chain holes … the matchbox is only for size comparison.


Here is some photos below that show some old 70’s 80’s packaging. A visitor to the site, Johnno had an interesting question. He was interested to know how much the Twisties ingredients had changed over the years…  So Johnno, hope this answers your question. One thing I noticed is the weight of smallest size pack went from 15 grams to 50 grams (sold individually).

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