Chip Packet Collector

Chip Packet Collection

Chip Packet Collectors are as rare today as some of the packets them self. I think that I’m one of the only people with such a huge collection in Australia, let me know if you also have a good collection, perhaps we could swap? When the packets changed from the old plastic style like these packs pictured on shelf below, to a foil packaging for both potato & corn chips, I started to collect the packets I ate rather than throw them out.

Burger Rings, Chickadees & Super Crunch Twisties. This lot I happened to find  under the house I live at when I had to dig some dirt,  buried under there was some rubbish dated 70’s – 90’s.
It’s obvious then that these packs take some time to break down, so get under your house if its from a bygone era, and see if you have some old chip packets or lolly wrappers strewn or buried, I would be keen to buy them from you, or they are are great keepsake for yourself !!

I pressed the packs in a folder and just kept collecting them, the vibrant colors and designs were ‘out there’ with some interesting animated characters on the front, such as Marvel Hereos, Star Wars, Batman, Austin Powers, Simpsons, etc,  appeared on the front of these, so as they cost nothing to collect I kept them cause normally this is something people are quick to throw away.

This was the 90’s, the period where the whole Tazo phenomenon happened, so there is heaps of Tazos labelled packets within this site >> Tazo Albums and Tazo Fan Club  is a great page fro Tazo Stuff and see below for other links.

One photograph shows when each packet got washed with mild soap to get remnants of salt, oil & flavouring that could and will eventually destroy these graphics. When they hung out to dry they really made for some unusual photos! Once I’d finished washing and drying the hundreds of packets, I have laid them out and photographed each one of them for you to see…. more chip links below.

Brand Names I have in the collection are varioud, TwistiesSamboyCC’s,  Freers,  Lites,  Colvan, Cheetos,  Cheezels, Kangas, Viva, Ruffles, Jacks, by companies like Arnott’s , Viva, Frito-Lay, APD, Smiths Snack Foods, Snack Brands Australia.

More about Chip Packets …..

Cheezels | Samboy | Arnotts | Twisites Supercrunch | Twisties Oven Shrinkies |      

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The snack food companies in Australia all have similar names now which can be confusing, here is a break up of it for you.

Snack Brands Australia (SBA) is 100% Australian, and successfully a huge competitor  to Pepsico, an American company with a subsidiary established in Australia named The Smith’s Snackfood Company…. SBA started in Australia, August 1998,  Snack Foods Limited being the parent company.

Smith’s Snackfood Company, was bought out by Frito-Lay, producer of salty snack foods in Australia (which is a subsidiary of PepsiCo,) Frito-Lay agreed with the ACCC to divest a range of brands to make sure unfair trading practices didn’t happen from a monopoly stronghold..
Those brands included; Cheezels, CC’s, Thins & Tasty Jacks (once owned by Arnotts), and Australia’s favorite, Samboy, and I believe Kettle was in that agreement too.

Campbell Arnott’s sold Arnott’s Snackfoods In April 2008 to The Real McCoy Snackfood Co. , securing Snack Brands Australia with the popular Samboy chip, re-released after a short spell of not being available, it returned to Australian shelves prompted by requests from social media and the like.

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CC’s Cant Say No!

CCs Chip Packets Vintage

CC’s (corn chips) came out in the early 80’s by the Smiths Chip company.
The TV ads for these corn chips were infectious, usually quirky antics, with a song of different tunes repeating their slogan  “You just can’t say No to CC’s”. The packet of CC’s has had some changes over time, here pictured is some from the 80’s to the 00’s.

Simpsons CCs Here

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Vintage Cheezels

Milk Bar Signs Old Cheezels Cardboard

Cheezels were introduced around 1971 by APD Snack Brands that were also known for Thins, Samboy, CC’s, & French Fries.

Here is some advertising from my collection including  chip packets and posters.
Vintage Cheezels Pack



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Twisties Oven Shrinkies

Twisties Oven Shrunk Shrinkies 70's

Twisties Oven Shrunk Shrinkies 70’s.

In the 70’s, before potato chips came in shiny foil packs, they came in a more transparent type plastic.

If you put them in the oven at around 170 between two trays, or glass bakeware lids, for around a few minutes they would shrink into a mini pack that a lot of people used for key chain decoration or kids did just for kicks.

Here’s some samples of them I preserved from the late 70’s, see they have key chain holes … the matchbox is only for size comparison.


Here is some photos below that show some old 70’s 80’s packaging. A visitor to the site, Johnno had an interesting question. He was interested to know how much the Twisties ingredients had changed over the years…  So Johnno, hope this answers your question. One thing I noticed is the weight of smallest size pack went from 15 grams to 50 grams (sold individually).

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Old Twisties Promotional

Twisties Promotional Vintage

Twisties snack food has had some great promotional items to encourage kids to choose their brand over others… success! Here is a few of promotional items from my collection.

(1)  Am-Fm Radio  (2)  A Paper Stunt Glider  (3)  Paddle (missing ball & string)
(4)  Plastic Satchel Prize  (5) Twisties Showbag showing both sides

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Bulk Chip Packs

Old Large Twisties Packets

At some stage, I’d say around the early 80’s, packets of chips started to come in multi packs, as brand names expanded, so did the multi packs. 10 pack is very popular, however these days they come even bigger in packs of 20. Or there was the feeding frenzy pack that had 30 packs in a cardboard box see photo

Simpsons, Pat Rafter, Tazos & Beyblades are just some of those featured to help sell their chips that I have in my collection. Click an Image to Enlarge.

There is a packet of Colvan Chips from 2003 here, Colvan were a brand back in the 70’s that were extremely popular…what happened to them the first time…and what about the second, I know Snack Foods Australia own the brand but are the chips themselves still around?…. will investigate and answer soon.

. More Chip Packets Here

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