Vegemite Rare Badge

Vegemite Rare

This lil fella has been with me a long time, I’d say late 70’s.

This Vegemite Badge / Button is a Vegemite promo, switch it on and it plays “Im a Happy Little Vegemite”, and the lights flash. Unfortunately this one doesn’t play the song anymore, it could be fixed, I just need time to look at it, a wire is probably loose. Curious to know does anyone else have one of these. If so, please leave a comment below.

Also pictured is the Cadbury block with Vegemite infused Chocolate..

YUK.. Did you ever try it? I played a trick on some mate kids who visited, I swapped the wrapper and asked them if they wanted some chocolate, the look on their face once they realised was priceless. Guess they wont be asking me for Chocolate again! 🙂

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