Aussie Confectioners

Since around the 1900’s, Australia has created it’s own confectionery houses and factories and some are still with us today!

Many Aussies like myself believe these companies MUST remain, they’re the small business foundations of which this country was built, and employed Aussies who put the hard work in to build them up and sustain them into this ever changing, modern commercial world.

Carobana Tour 1

Carobana Confectionery Coffs Harbour Tour

Carobana Tour

Carobana Honeycomb Coffs Harbour

Carobana Honeycomb Coffs Harbour

Being a business person myself in the past with my own shops in Melbourne, I can only congratulate them all, they continued through the depressions and recessions and still here to tell the story… my friends, that is a HUGE feat!

Please support these Aussie Confection factories and houses, because Australia makes some bloody good chocolate and lollies and to see more go by the wayside or bought up by huge multinational foreign owned conglomerates would be just another Aussie history disaster!

Below I have listed some true blue Aussie confectioners, many who have been around since the 1930’s in some shape or form.

Remember Mac.Robertson & Hoadleys Chocolates and the like all started out small and grew into Australia’s favorite chocolate bars like Cherry Ripe, Freddo and Crunchie, now owned by Cadbury, the former Cadbury Schweppes.

Do you know of an Aussie confectioner I can add here, then please forward me the details! I’ll add some more Aussie Confectioners myself soon……………….

Read >> I grew up 3 mins bike ride from the former MacRobertson factory in Ringwood…..

Lagoon Confectionery Melbourne

Lagoon Lollies

Choo Choo Bars Lic & Rasp & Original Sherbet Bombs

Sherbet Bomb, Choo Choo Bar? I recently bought some items from Lagoon, WOW, old fashioned service, trust and expertise, I HIGHLY recommend doing business with this family owned confectioner

.. Here’s a great ABC confection story featuring Lagoon factory.

Carob Assortment Carobana Coffs HarbourCarobana Coffs Harbour

Ffor Carob & Honeycomb Lovers
I’m close to Coffs Harbour so I’ve visited Carobana Confectionery several times, Carobana uses Carob instead of Chocolate. Take a tour through an old working factory. Carobana has been around for over 20 years and operates out of Coffs Harbour. If you ever visit, put this on your itinerary, take a step back in time and see them make honeycomb in huge Woks, classic! Another family owned confectioner. There is the shop to buy some yummy treats.

Paragon Katoomba Chocolate Box & Tin
The Paragon Katoomba

65 Katoomba St Katoomba. Ph : 02 4782 2928 …
Step back in time when you visit this cafe, come Chocolate factory, it has a 1920’s appeal. Apparently it has been taken over by a new owner in the past few years who has made a comeback to the Pargaon Chocolates in retro boxes, I have a couple of these in my collection and they are a great design. See Picture.

Pink Lady by Fyna Foods
Pink Lady Bush Friends are cool.

Whizz Fizz by Fyna Foods

Kellys Candy started around 20 years ago and has some of the old time favourites, like Peanut Clusters, Rocky Road, Coconut Rouch, Coconut Ice, Toasted Marshmallows and more.

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