Coca Cola Life Mag Adverts

Coca Cola National Geographic Adverts

It’s as American as Apple Pie, and was/is a huge product in Australia for many years. Who didn’t go to the Milk Bar and buy a packet of Twisties and a can or bottle of coke?

In my younger days the markets had some great old magazines for sale pretty cheap and I really liked the advertising in them… that’s such a co-inkydink, as now I’m a graphic artist who creates adverts.

I bought a lot of these magazines and kept them for a while, then after a few years went through them, and if there was only a few good pages, or they were American or British mags, I kept the better pages and tossed the rest. I kept all the Australian Women’s Weekly and other Australian mags whole, I would certainly cringe now if I had of tossed them!

Here photographed below is a collection of Coke ( Coca Cola) adverts that I took from LIFE magazines which were pretty much American from memory, but these full page ads I kept.

At the top of some of them they mention that Coca Cola is sold licensed in Australia, so not sure why that was on them, maybe there was a few made in Oz, or just made for the Australian market. A couple of pages I didn’t tear out that well (peter slaps himself) but still they are still all pretty much there, just some white bleed around the advert is torn.

The following Adverts For your ENJOYment…….

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