Wanted for Cash your Milk Bar Collectibles

Wanted for Cash your Milk Bar Collectibles

I grew up in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne Victoria and have some fond memories of hangin out at the local Milk Bar, or “the shops” as our neighborhood called them. Ringwood 3134.

I thought it would make great interest for me to collect and display this piece of Australian history before all Milk Bars are gone. I’m tuning my collection around a bit now and focusing on Milk Bar and Corner Store memorabilia, which has been the “jist” of my collection anyway.

I’m wanting to buy old things associated with Milk Bars, especially 60’s 70’s retro stuff.

If you have any old ice-cream wrappers, chocolate boxes, advertising, samples, unusual pieces, then contact me and let me know what you have. Ebay is a great source for buying/selling this kind of thing, however a selling account requires some groundwork, so give me a callĀ  if you like and I can come to you if you are within Coffs Harbour region. OR, photograph it and e-mail me photos of the item(s).

I’m also keen on characters and toys from Children’s television made in Australia.

It’s amazing what people have held onto… bit like me and my hundreds of chip packets!!

I’m not wanting your items cheap, or expensive, just a fair price for both of us, so give me a call.


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