Bushells Coffee Old 3D Glasses

I remember buying these pair of glasses at the Camberwell market in Melbourne back 25 years ago and til now havent looked at them again. I looked it up on the web but couldnt find anything about them.

Bushells Old Audioskopic 3D GlassesAbove is the newest pair I’ve acquired. They are a bit different the pair below & obviously came out at different stages

Bushells 3D Glasses

Hoping someone out there might have an idea of what they were for and how they were distributed? On them you can see that they say “Keep these for viewing Audioskopiks” Were they used for film or printed material in mags? Thanks for any feedback.

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Humphrey B Bear Collection

Humphrey B Bear Collection VintageHere is a round-up of only some of the Humphrey’s I’ve collected over the years.
I ‘ve started to describe below each one, the era, maker, valuation, etc. Valuations for Members Only.
NB : Price is an indication Only as Demand fluctuates & trends.
Ranging from Good Cond to Ex Cond  indicates price fetched…..
Leave comments below, cheers!

MORE Humphrey on Another Page ….

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Shaker Maker

One of the craziest fad toys from the 70’s where you created a mould from the Magic Mix which half set into a rubbery and wobbly figure, that you then let dry, ready to paint it.Header Shaker Maker

Shaker Maker Vintage Disney

Character sets included Animals, People, Disney, Hairy Bunch, Batman & Flinstones, these photographed are part of my collection…….
Shaker Maker Vintage Hairy Bunch

Ideal were the company that made these back in the early 70’s, and other companies tried to re-issue these in the 90’s & 00’s but they never had the “fad” status they once had back in the good ol days!

With advances in technology I guess being creative in this way is not so fashionable.


Shaker Maker Vintage Magic Mix Shaker Maker Vintage Mould Set




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70’s Paddle Pop Lion

Streets Paddle Pop Lion Plush Toy from the 1970’s.

I have 2 of these & they are almost the same except one has a streets logo on his jacket and extra piece of felt on the nose.

Does anyone out there have one, or know of their originality?

Paddle Pop Lion Toy Streets Icecream

Any feedback in the comments section would be appreciated.

Paddle Pop Lion has been around for some time except he has had a computerized transformation these days in comparison to the vintage one.

Paddle Pop icecreams for the first 2 years came in chocolate only,  and a company founder was surprised they lasted, as he rumoured them to be a  “nine-day wonder” back when the first one sold in Milk bars from 1953.

Ron Street, an Australian,  created the icy pole treat in competition to probably Peter’s “Wink” Icecream.

Edwin (Ted) Street founded Streets Icecream in the 1930s with his brother Daniel,  Ron said his uncle Ted told him paddle Pops would be a “nine-day wonder”, and how wrong he was!  It was an overnight success.

The Paddle Pop Lion appeared in 1960 after Unilever bought the Streets company.

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Marvin Martian Collection

Back in the 90’s I took a fascination to collecting Marvin Martian, he was the least collected or favoured and I loved his “out of this world” character as a kid.

As gifts for birthdays etc, friends gave me more things to add to my collection…….

Here photographed is some of my faves from my shelves. The cookie jar was given to me in 1995, it has survived til now in it’s original box.

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Hey Hey Ossie & Pluka


Ossie Ostrich & Plucka Duck!

Australian Children’s Television but with a clever adult twist, especially with Ernie Carrol behind the voice of Ossie. This aired on Saturday mornings originally.

Ossie & Plucka Duck Hey Hey it's SaturdayThis show, Hey Hey It’s Saturday,  was later placed in an evening time slot and was a very popular variety show,  smutty innuendos, tongue in cheek humour  I think was the best laugh.

And who’d forget Humdrum with our own Molly Meldrum, a music rave from the Guru himself, who was the most picked on personality in the show, often being subject to things falling on him, breaking, being thrown and harassed by Dicky Knee.

The plush characters from the show are becoming desired by collectors now that the show is no more. A plush Plucka Duck was recently sold on E-bay with 3 or 4 signatures of the Hey Hey cast, Red, John Blackman, Daryl Somers & Wilbur I believe.

As I collect Australian Children’s Television items,  I have these in my collection (pictured). Two of these have their original swing tags and copyright tags, which are harder to find. This Ossie is made by Croner 1982, there is a few different Ossies from 70’s & 90’s , some have hard plastic eyes.

What’s it worth? These characters can sell for varying prices, pending on condition, rarity, signatures, tags, etc, starting at $10.00. Please don’t make the mistake of thinking that yours is a rare one which will fetch  around $70.00,  study what you have and price accordingly to sell.

It’s great to see Aussies take up this collection, cause preserving fun childhood memories like these are good for the soul!

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Mixed Bag

Somethings in my collection are interesting pieces but don’t fit into a category so Im sharing some on this page.

ICEE Bear was the character behind ICEE drinks, sort of like a 7-11 Slurpee. This is a plastic money box that promoted the drink back in the 70’s, I found this one many years ago … these are rare in Australia.Icee Bear Money Box Vintage 70s
Most Milk Bars had a donation box on the counter to raise money for something worthy. Often you would see these Guide Dog boxes at the point of sale… Now more modern designs / versions are used.
Vintage Guide Dog Donation Box

I love the old brands that used Australian animals and icons as their brand name, here is a classic, Kookaburra shoe laces . ..

Plasticine (below) is a molding clay that we used to use at school and home for all kinds of projects. Plasticine disappeared for a few years and after some ownership changes it has made a comeback and is widely used in stop motion animation ……More For Members Here

Metti Bindi Doll in Box

Ok, so this is not MY normal thang to buy dolls alright! LOL
I saw this at the Wantirna Markets, a Trash and Treasure in Melbourne that used to be at the old Drive-In movies space in the 80’s. I saw Metti on a table for sale and something about her grabbed my attention. I think the fact that this was an indigenous doll in original Australiana packaging that I’d never seen before, the curiousity meant I had to have it!

She has always been a talking point with friends, but my pet cockatoo was horrified by her so if my cockatoo was ever bad, I would tell her that Metti was coming to sort you out! LOL Poor Metti was packed away for many years as I moved house quite a bit and never got to display my collectibles. Just like “Rebel” my ventriloquist doll, Metti had some time out!

Since I’ve rediscovered her I decided to look up on the web a little more about her cause I have a few other things made by the Metti company SA, and needed to know more. From what I’ve read and heard that Metti is a bit of a find… so glad I took the plunge in paying the $40.00 for her that I did back in the 80’s… I nearly didn’t acquire her cause I thought to myself “Peter , it’s a doll, and it’s 40 bloody dollars !!??”

I found out that this Metti’s a souvenir, Im not sure what her name is, as she never had a swing tag with such. I’m assuming her name is Bindi, but I think this is what ‘Netta’ called her. Netta is the company that took over from Metti in Sth Australia, apparently some doll makers from Metti took up where they left off, and I’m so glad they did, they make good Aussie dolls and children’s night lights, I have a few Netta collectibles too, one’s a cool kangaroo child’s night light, a real piece of Australiana.

These days you see many Netta & sometimes Metti relics for sale on E-bay, they certainly are becoming more desirable and fetching good prices. I wonder what Bindi is worth? Would I sell her, probably not cause I’m a bit attached to her now, but then, everything has it’s price huh!

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Collecting or Hoarding?

It’s a passion, it’s addictive, it’s adrenaline….
It’s Collecting!

I know, some just don’t understand our passion where others admire… Collecting is personal and the collectors are the temporary custodians of items that are sure to hang around for all to enjoy our Australian pastime.

What drives each of us I’m unsure, but our collecting makes us feel good, so long as it doesn’t cross the line and become hoarding.
I began collecting many years ago, I really wasn’t sure what I was collecting I just bought things that I thought were cool, interesting, or should be saved because one day this stuff will be ‘gonski’, it’s AUSTRALIAN, and I’m proud of my heritage.

A lot of places become our sources for our collecting, garage sales is a great source, op shops, trash & treasure markets, boot sales & antique shops. Sometimes friends give us things that they once loved & want it to go to a home where it is treasured.

These photographs are some of my collection from over the years. These days I’m turning my collection into more like the things you would of found in your local Milk Bar or corner grocery shop.

Advertising, samples, packaging. I have a chip packet collection many going back to the mid 90’s when the whole Tazo thing exploded…

What do you collect? Post a comment at the bottom or do a writeup and I will post it on your behalf with due credit, this is a great spot to have a skyte about your collection…we love the stories.

More Medicinal Products Here

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Rare Hulk Wolverine LED Posters

Hulk LED Poster Marvel Comics 2005

These get quite a few comments in my home. I acquired these about a year ago. They have small LED lights on them that flash in a sequence…..The other one I have is Wolverine (below).  

Wolverine LED Poster Marvel Comics 2005

I have tried to find out more about their origin, they are made By JAGO Corp Asia Ltd which seems to be a dissolved company back in 2010

Copyright Marvel 2005, obviously these are some sort of shop promo display, Determination & Courage. They use a small 4V adapter and have a on/off switch at the bottom of frame. Even though it’s really not my usual collecting, these are displayed on my wall and lit up.  Leave any comments below cheers!

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Plucka Duck Lolly Jar

Here’s a fairly rare find.

Old Plucka Duck Lolly Jar 1995

I believe these were purchased from the Channel GTV9 shop after a taping of the show, I’ve managed to find 2 over the years.

I’m interested to see if anyone else has one of these, I have seen one for sale on Ebay, however in general they are difficult to find, please comment below…….

This is a clear plastic Jar, the lid has Plucka on it and screws off to fill with lollies. Guesstimate : $25 – 50 pending condition / desirability.

1997  Somers Carrol Pty Ltd

Plucka Duck Lollie Jar Somers Carrol 1995Plucka Duck Lolly Jar 1997 Lid

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Contact Pete

If you have any questions for me, then best option is to use the contact form here, or leave a comment (bottom) on the page that refers to your question or story… I will answer it A.S.A.P.

I often get other inquiries regarding collectibles. I do buy & even sell /swap some items if I’m not attached to that particular collectible.

Thanks heaps for visiting the website and hope you enjoyed your trip down memory lane…

The Milk Bar Kid….Peter Lister.

E: peter( at sign here) petersmilkbar.com

Onkaparinga Advertising

Onkaparinga Light Sign

Back in the 80’s I acquired this rare, superbly made Aussie Bakelite / Perspex, plastic like, double sided, raised lettering, Onkaparinga Advertising light-box sign.

Onkaparinga is an Australian Company from SA who are well known for woolen blankets and dressing gowns. There were many woolen products they produced including
Rugs, hence this shop advertising light. You probably have a garment or rug yourself that you have kept from grandma in your closet!

The company who made this light-box, SA Plastics from St Peters have their name on the side of this light box with a phone number MF 1518 which dates to around 40-50’s.

I had contacted Onkaparinga Woollen Mill Museum in Lobethel SA, the old factory site for Onkaparinga … I offered to sell at a reasonable price first to them, before I may sell it on E-Bay, I wanted to do the right thing and offer to them for their museum as a great history piece.

They said that they wern’t interested in buying as this was not the logo they knew of and they had never seen this one associated with Onkaparinga … I told them I thought it was extremely weird that a shop owner has gone out and paid good money back in these days to make a light to advertise THEIR product, that clearly doesn’t make sense?

It’s origin has truly became more interesting after contacting them, and hence, I’ve decided to keep it as these things get more rare & collectible over time and it makes a great lounge light and talking point…. HOWEVER, to Clarify my findings..

I got some old adverts from the 50’s with this EXACT logo as on the light, it was used in four seperate Woman’s Weekly ads (see below). I contacted via e-mail the Woollen Mill again about my findings, but twice now no answer from them??
I think I stumped them on this one after they declared it had nothing to do with Onkaparinga, when indeed it certainly does, it’s a classic piece of Aussie Onkaparinga history, see, we can all still learn something!

In the Gallery there are pages from 1953 -59 Australian Womans Weekly, that depict the same style of font as on the light box, one ad even has the other dynamic ribbon style logo on one of the pictured blankets so both were used together at some stage..

Today you can still buy Onkaparinga blankets new or second-hand online… the logo has changed again with a more modern feel. See below for different Logo Styles on clothing tags.

The well known logo looks like the one off of a blanket. The black background one is the logo with the dynamic type ribbon on a dressing gown of mine. The logo in this light box is different. There is two other logo examples I have found, the blue one is from a very recent velour towel, the other from a old Mohair piece.

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Why Australian Collectibles?

Australian Collectibles

When a close friend who was a collector passed away in the 80’s, I acquired many old unique items, many of which I still have today. This acquisition started an addiction to collecting things from Australia’s yester years…
Back in the 80s I owned some barber/hair shops in Melbourne and one of them was decorated with many of these old antiques & funky collectibles…..

This photo of the Griffith’s Bros enamel sign is extremely rare because each one of these had different amount of miles on them so ‘one of’s’ and a this is a favourite of mine. Acquired from a dealer who bought them at auction many years ago.
These enamel signs were advertising along the train tracks of Melbourne railway depicting how many miles to Griffith Bros cafe outside Flinders St station. I exchanged this sign for a few haircuts for this bloke and his two sons from Upwey Melb, as it wasn’t in the best condition but I loved it’s appeal and story.. they were the days!

As part of my escapism from the hustle n bustle of business life, I would get up around 4am on Sundays and head to the Camberwell Markets, sorting through peoples second hands goods at the break of dawn… the passion grew from here.

I had a break from collecting for many years and even sold off some of the items I no longer desired, I thought they could have a better home with someone who truly desired the curio and could display for all to see.

My collection mainly consists of Australian products & advertising from grocery stores, service stations, barber shops, milk bars, etc. I stick to products that are made in Australia, measurements are mostly imperial oz / lb, and definitely no barcodes, well, a few sneak in!

These kinds of products were mass produced, but only in Australia. English and American products were spread across the world, however, Australian merchandise was not as wide spread, so I save them as a snapshot of our Australian past.

For around $2 each I would buy these old oil boxes, and eventually I made this coffee table out of them and I still have it today. It has cheese boxes for drawers and a Solvol box they all go in.

Thanks for visiting, I update and add to this site when I make time, blogging about my collectibles ……

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Peters Icecream Factory Cap

In the 1950s Peter’s Icecream factory workers were given a uniform, and this cap pictured was part of it, it included the hair net at back and was made in Australia by SureGuard Safety.

Peters Icecream Factory Cap Workers

I believe the white cotton collared t-shirt also had a Peters Logo on the pocket, I will clarify the total uniform in the coming months.

Old Footy Clapper

This has been in my collection for some time and I have kept it as football memorabilia from the VFL, Victorian Football League days.

Old Vintage Footy Clapper

It’s a Clapper made by Champion, being wiggled in the hand it made a lot of noise like clapping.

I vaguely remember this style being available in the 70’s. Does anyone have any further info to refresh my memory, like was there different colours for different teams, and was there a time when they were popular?. Comment below thanks!

Garage Sales Picker

Each Saturday I head out early and do as many garage sales I can in the area.
They’re incredibly addictive, although I had a long spell from doing them, as I really had enough stuff in boxes that I needed to deal with, sell or give-away.

In Bellingen, Urunga, Raleigh, Repton and Mylestom there is often at least one or two and even many, each weekend.

There is many old farm houses and an older generation, so sometimes you find the weirdest, wackiest and wonderful things that some older folk have kept for years and feel it is time to move it on.

Today I went out doing the usual, and found this great lil fella in Bellingen. I’ve given him a clean to make him shinier only on the plastic and metal bits as the clothes would be a bit of a nightmare I thinks. All the wires look in tact and inside there is no rust so I assume he will work. He is from the 1950’s so I wouldn’t be surprised if there is only a little adjustment and at least part of him should work.

Drunk Bartender Tin Toy

I will go to the shop and get those huge batteries toys used to always have and see if the old drunk kicks over. If you read the piece of paper that come with him it says he smokes out his ears, drinks and goes red in the face.. if all those work I will be jumping for joy cause I got old matey for a good price.
UPDATE .. Guess what? Old Bud works, he even blows smoke from his ears. At first only his face lit up, then I pulled his pants down and looked inside, I give a few wheels a push and pull and voila, he cranked over.
Hope to post a video here soon

I love Garage Sales!!!

Other stuff I found today was Souvenier Picture Holder Postcards from the 1950’s.
They feature many photographs of towns in NSW such as Grafon, Tenterfield, Bega, the imagery is classic.
Tin Toy Bartender Instructions


Humphrey B Bear Vintage

Humphrey Bear Collecting

Humphrey B. Bear is the most recognized of all Australian Children’s television characters from across many generations. Humphrey is all Australian, and first appeared on television in May 1965 in South Australia.

As with Mr Squiggle Collectibles, there is a lot of misconceptions about year of manufacture and what is collectible or highly desired, so I thought I would run through the difference between a lot of them, there is photos, prices for members.

Most Humphreys, in all shapes, sizes and promotional items are now collectible because Humphrey ceases to exist on television. Humphrey B Bear was made insolvent by administrators since the company behind him, Banksia Productions, wound up in early 2009.
In February 2013, entrepreneur Shane Yeend bought the rights to the famous bear, which means we ‘could’ see more of him… May 27 2015 rumour has it that Humphrey is likely to come back as an animated TV show.

Firstly, many people think that because the tag has © Southern Tv Corp 1965, that this was the year of manufacture of the plush toy they are selling. This, in most cases, is not true, it’s simply just when the Humphrey B Bear product was copyrighted period. The year is ‘usually’ noted on the tag. Humphrey B Bear WITH a readable swing tag, adds value.

The first caricature of Humphrey B Bear was first made by an immigrant to Australia named Leo J Sterne, and are probably the rarer of all Humphreys made. House of Metti in South Australia started making Humphrey plush and plastic, including night lights around the 1960’s., these also have become increasingly desirable, and the most collectible.

Southern Television owned the rights, and Banksia Productions, Classic Toys, Mattel and Croner are some of the manufacturers who had the rights to produce caricatures. Humphrey has been made in an array of looks, shapes and sizes, the largest I know of being 1 metre high, (pictured in gallery).
Condition, rarity and demand determine the price of Humphrey B Bear. On E-Bay especially, there is many folk who think that the Humphrey they have is scarce or rare and will tell you so, however I suggest you research the Humphrey B Bear you are looking for to add to your collection and don’t necessarily buy the first you see, depending on price of course, as the more desirable ones do come up periodically and good things come to those who wait!

I have around 50 Humphrey B Bear display items in my Australian Children’s Television collection, that started many years ago and now I am re-fining the collection and adding others I don’t have.
Smallest in the collection is 10 cms tall, up to I metre, and the oldest a LJ Sterne. I have 2 ‘House of Metti’ rubber squeak toys, one a darker brown than the other, and the spots on the vest are a different colour, & both stamped underneath. The stamp is not that visible to the eye at first or second glance, you may need glasses or magnifying glass to see it more clearly.

Humphrey was used by Bank of SA often to promote their Bank.
The ones pictured sell for around $ 5 – 15

The most important thing I believe when collecting anything is to get what you like yourself, make sure the condition is good and all the bits are there and it is sure to add value over the years. With Humphrey, that means tie, hat, jacket.

These are just some photos of the styles of Humphrey, some of the Humphreys photographed may not be complete, the two plush on their own are missing ties. Enjoy!

More Humphrey Here

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Mr Squiggle Plush Toy 1960-70’s

Mr Squiggle

One of the longest playing children’s television shows in Australia’s history… Mr Squiggle! The man from the Moon with his trusty “Rocket”! Space travel, ufo’s, ray guns etc was big with kids toys in the 60’s, so Mr Squiggle was very fitting for that era watched by many baby boomers and beyond.

Norman Hetherington was the creator and master behind Mr Squiggle, the blackboard drawing man from the moon!

Mr Squiggle has never returned to television from the moon for many years, and now that Norman Hetherington has sadly passed, Mr Squiggle will surely be no more…. that I know of anyway, he may make a come back in a few years in these modern days!.

There seems to be some confusion about Mr Squiggle the toy character (plush toy). Many people have only recently taken a huge interest in Squiggle, Hetherington’s death has most likely been the catalyst. Not long ago on e-bay he didnt fetch a good price, but now more want him, the competition bidding has stepped up a notch some reaching $100.00, pending condition, vintage etc!

The pictured Mr Squiggle (above right) is one of the originals ever made, and at the time of production had a patent pending with Hetherington’s and ABC’s authority. The other smaller Mr Squiggle is “Lil Mr Squiggle” from just not long after the patent pending version, a pocket size Squiggle

Kidz Biz made a Mr Squiggle in the 1990’s which is distinctively different from the 1960-70’s version, especially the eyes which are now plastic button style. ( see photos). Colors are one difference, 1990’s version pencil doesn’t have black lines, his feet are more curled, hands are more defined, bow is not as big, neck has ridges and extends.

I would really like to find a Bill Steamshovel, another character from the children’s television show from ABC. I’m not sure if they made one at all, I thought of creating one to go with my Squiggle collection.

Hope that helps those in the market for buying a Mr Squiggle for their collection.

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1950’s Postcard Shots

Old Postcards Scenes

At a garage sale I found a stack of old 1950’s postcards, the pictures I’ve chosen are street scenes from Tenterfield, Bega, Albury, Mudgee, Grafton, Cowra, Orbost NSW & Hobart, Port Arthur Tas, Toowoomba QLD.

I have sold a few of them on E-Bay, and as I do sell them, I take photos of each picture…

Here is some for you to enjoy… I’ll add some more soon.

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