70’s Paddle Pop Lion

Streets Paddle Pop Lion Plush Toy from the 1970’s.

I have 2 of these & they are almost the same except one has a streets logo on his jacket and extra piece of felt on the nose.

Does anyone out there have one, or know of their originality?

Paddle Pop Lion Toy Streets Icecream

Any feedback in the comments section would be appreciated.

Paddle Pop Lion has been around for some time except he has had a computerized transformation these days in comparison to the vintage one.

Paddle Pop icecreams for the first 2 years came in chocolate only,  and a company founder was surprised they lasted, as he rumoured them to be a  “nine-day wonder” back when the first one sold in Milk bars from 1953.

Ron Street, an Australian,  created the icy pole treat in competition to probably Peter’s “Wink” Icecream.

Edwin (Ted) Street founded Streets Icecream in the 1930s with his brother Daniel,  Ron said his uncle Ted told him paddle Pops would be a “nine-day wonder”, and how wrong he was!  It was an overnight success.

The Paddle Pop Lion appeared in 1960 after Unilever bought the Streets company.

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