Shaker Maker

One of the craziest fad toys from the 70’s where you created a mould from the Magic Mix which half set into a rubbery and wobbly figure, that you then let dry, ready to paint it.Header Shaker Maker

Shaker Maker Vintage Disney

Character sets included Animals, People, Disney, Hairy Bunch, Batman & Flinstones, these photographed are part of my collection…….
Shaker Maker Vintage Hairy Bunch

Ideal were the company that made these back in the early 70’s, and other companies tried to re-issue these in the 90’s & 00’s but they never had the “fad” status they once had back in the good ol days!

With advances in technology I guess being creative in this way is not so fashionable.


Shaker Maker Vintage Magic Mix Shaker Maker Vintage Mould Set




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