Brown Paper Grocery Bag

Old Brown Grocery Bags


Wow, it’s been many years since I placed this amongst my stuff and re-discovered it just today and thought what a cool piece of memorabilia.

Supermarkets all had brown paper shopping bags with their logo and brands splattered all over the front to advertise back in the 50’s n 60’s. This all changed roughly around the late 70’s for the worst, as now we have non- degradable plastic rubbish going into land fill and the ocean, in many cases causing death to many sea creatures when they get entangled…. and the bag graphics are almost non-existent … or bloody boring!

It’s not common to find these, especially in good condition. Some pictured have some tears, marks and foxing, however most display very well. Hopefully someone stashed a few of these from different supermarkets back in the day and they will reveal themself for me at a garage sale… ( a few revealed themselves on E-Bay pictured above) more photos to come soon… I now have a few to sell if anyone is interested.

The Old Woolies one pictured was the first I acquired back in the mid 80’s at a garage sale,  I asked the lady if the old bag was for sale, I think she thought I was joking and meant her…. she handed it to me and said, “Here,  you can have it!”

This Woolworths brown paper bag, proudly showing they are  Australian.  The graphics are very much 60’s and designed to let everyone know where you shop! With paper recycling these days I find it hard to believe that these are now re-introduced, even if they were made of hemp paper (strong fibre) surely they wern’t as bad at splitting like the pathetic ones of the modern era? UPDATE, as from July 2018 plastic bags have been banned in most states of Australia.

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Page First Published on: Mar 2, 2014 @ 10:49

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