Rare Hulk Wolverine LED Posters

Hulk LED Poster Marvel Comics 2005

These get quite a few comments in my home. I acquired these about a year ago. They have small LED lights on them that flash in a sequence…..The other one I have is Wolverine (below).  

Wolverine LED Poster Marvel Comics 2005

I have tried to find out more about their origin, they are made By JAGO Corp Asia Ltd which seems to be a dissolved company back in 2010

Copyright Marvel 2005, obviously these are some sort of shop promo display, Determination & Courage. They use a small 4V adapter and have a on/off switch at the bottom of frame. Even though it’s really not my usual collecting, these are displayed on my wall and lit up.  Leave any comments below cheers!

Page 1st Published : May 5, 2014 @ 07:55

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