Metti Bindi Doll in Box

Ok, so this is not MY normal thang to buy dolls alright! LOL
I saw this at the Wantirna Markets, a Trash and Treasure in Melbourne that used to be at the old Drive-In movies space in the 80’s. I saw Metti on a table for sale and something about her grabbed my attention. I think the fact that this was an indigenous doll in original Australiana packaging that I’d never seen before, the curiousity meant I had to have it!

She has always been a talking point with friends, but my pet cockatoo was horrified by her so if my cockatoo was ever bad, I would tell her that Metti was coming to sort you out! LOL Poor Metti was packed away for many years as I moved house quite a bit and never got to display my collectibles. Just like “Rebel” my ventriloquist doll, Metti had some time out!

Since I’ve rediscovered her I decided to look up on the web a little more about her cause I have a few other things made by the Metti company SA, and needed to know more. From what I’ve read and heard that Metti is a bit of a find… so glad I took the plunge in paying the $40.00 for her that I did back in the 80’s… I nearly didn’t acquire her cause I thought to myself “Peter , it’s a doll, and it’s 40 bloody dollars !!??”

I found out that this Metti’s a souvenir, Im not sure what her name is, as she never had a swing tag with such. I’m assuming her name is Bindi, but I think this is what ‘Netta’ called her. Netta is the company that took over from Metti in Sth Australia, apparently some doll makers from Metti took up where they left off, and I’m so glad they did, they make good Aussie dolls and children’s night lights, I have a few Netta collectibles too, one’s a cool kangaroo child’s night light, a real piece of Australiana.

These days you see many Netta & sometimes Metti relics for sale on E-bay, they certainly are becoming more desirable and fetching good prices. I wonder what Bindi is worth? Would I sell her, probably not cause I’m a bit attached to her now, but then, everything has it’s price huh!

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Page 1st Published : May 10, 2013 @ 17:01

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  1. Michelle vintagecobweb - April 16, 2013 at 9:55 am

    Hi Peter
    Ha, ha re your cockatoo.

    You made the right decision paying the $40.00 for her when you did. Yes, she is Bindi alright, that name has never changed from when Metti first produced her and then Netta.

    Pity about the hang tag with her name, it was in the shape of a boomerang, made from cardboard that hung on her arm, they usually go missing.

    Your cockatoo sounds like our daughter, she’s a young teen but thinks the Metti Papua New Guinea dolls that I also collect are creepy.

    Sometime within the next couple of weeks I’m going to put up another post on some more additions to my Metti collection and I’ll link up to your blog Peter, I’m sure your Bindi story will be a hit with other readers.

    Thanks for the link:) Now I’m off to read the rest of your blog.

  2. - April 16, 2013 at 10:36 am

    Thanks Michelle, so glad to hear your reply.
    I wasn’t going to write anything about Bindi, but thought, no she is too special to not share with others.
    You inspired me with your blog, it’s well done and so explanatory, cant wait to read more.
    HA HA, yeah what is it with the young folk, they think my ventriloquist doll is spooky, they think he watches them as they move around the room, they’ve watched to many Freddie movies I reckon! LOL
    Hang tag or none, she’s a stunner!!
    Since the reaction from my cockatoo, we have named her “metti”, so Bindi is her real name, Metti is her alter ego! LOL
    Thanks for the feedback, appreciated.

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