Garage Sales Picker

Each Saturday I head out early and do as many garage sales I can in the area.
They’re incredibly addictive, although I had a long spell from doing them, as I really had enough stuff in boxes that I needed to deal with, sell or give-away.

In Bellingen, Urunga, Raleigh, Repton and Mylestom there is often at least one or two and even many, each weekend.

There is many old farm houses and an older generation, so sometimes you find the weirdest, wackiest and wonderful things that some older folk have kept for years and feel it is time to move it on.

Today I went out doing the usual, and found this great lil fella in Bellingen. I’ve given him a clean to make him shinier only on the plastic and metal bits as the clothes would be a bit of a nightmare I thinks. All the wires look in tact and inside there is no rust so I assume he will work. He is from the 1950’s so I wouldn’t be surprised if there is only a little adjustment and at least part of him should work.

Drunk Bartender Tin Toy

I will go to the shop and get those huge batteries toys used to always have and see if the old drunk kicks over. If you read the piece of paper that come with him it says he smokes out his ears, drinks and goes red in the face.. if all those work I will be jumping for joy cause I got old matey for a good price.
UPDATE .. Guess what? Old Bud works, he even blows smoke from his ears. At first only his face lit up, then I pulled his pants down and looked inside, I give a few wheels a push and pull and voila, he cranked over.
Hope to post a video here soon

I love Garage Sales!!!

Other stuff I found today was Souvenier Picture Holder Postcards from the 1950’s.
They feature many photographs of towns in NSW such as Grafon, Tenterfield, Bega, the imagery is classic.
Tin Toy Bartender Instructions


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  1. - April 16, 2013 at 6:46 pm

    I agree. Again, it is a real sign of the times, and how bout the cars?… ah the good ol days, even though I wasnt born til the 60’s!

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