Vintage Twisties Chip Packets

“Cause Life’s Not Straight”!

The Slogan for Twisties is ” Life’s Pretty Straight Without Twisties”!
Here photographed is many different Australian Twisties packets from the 90’s til today from my personal collection.

Before “foil packaging” Twisties came in a plastic type packet that was a lot more transparent (see through) than the newer foil ones ….. I have a small 10c pack of these from 70’s, see photograph with “I Like Twisties ” sticker.

Simpsons, Tazo, Yu Gi Ho, Marvel, GoldMember, Bey Blade, Footy Legends and more…. these characters graced the front of these packets when the whole Tazo Phenomena was happening, and continued for several years.

Snack Foods Australia has certainly tested the market with some different flavours and concepts of Twisties … Photographed here is just some of them from my collection..

Twisties logo from back in the 60’s and 70’s was a lot more “squash” than the one of late.. I also noticed that some logos have a * rather than ® .. not sure why that is but will look into it.

Twisties brand is now sold in many countries, pictured are ALL Australian packs! Corn Puffs & Butter Toffee are just some of the flavours that are limited Edition. I have many more to come…

Twisties Vintage Butter Toffee Chip Packet. Most Twisties are savoury flavours, here is one that was sweet like Lolly Gobble Bliss Bombs.

This T-Shirt pictured (colourblind) if I remember correctly came from the same competition as the t-Shirt and cap competition seen on pictured pack below, the t-shirt has a Twisties collar tag. If you sent in some codes of the packs they sent you a Twisties T-Shirt.

The competition ran back in the 90’s, and I got this t-shirt before they ran out of them, because then they started to send the one with the battery hen on it, but it wasn’t as cool, so mine is long gone..

Did you ever make a Twisties Shrinky in the kitchen oven?

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  1. Johnno - July 27, 2014 at 8:56 pm

    Hi there,

    Love the site : )

    Can you upload a photo of the ingredients side of the 70’s twisties pack?

    Love to compare them to today’s



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