Collecting or Hoarding?

It’s a passion, it’s addictive, it’s adrenaline….
It’s Collecting!

I know, some just don’t understand our passion where others admire… Collecting is personal and the collectors are the temporary custodians of items that are sure to hang around for all to enjoy our Australian pastime.

What drives each of us I’m unsure, but our collecting makes us feel good, so long as it doesn’t cross the line and become hoarding.
I began collecting many years ago, I really wasn’t sure what I was collecting I just bought things that I thought were cool, interesting, or should be saved because one day this stuff will be ‘gonski’, it’s AUSTRALIAN, and I’m proud of my heritage.

A lot of places become our sources for our collecting, garage sales is a great source, op shops, trash & treasure markets, boot sales & antique shops. Sometimes friends give us things that they once loved & want it to go to a home where it is treasured.

These photographs are some of my collection from over the years. These days I’m turning my collection into more like the things you would of found in your local Milk Bar or corner grocery shop.

Advertising, samples, packaging. I have a chip packet collection many going back to the mid 90’s when the whole Tazo thing exploded…

What do you collect? Post a comment at the bottom or do a writeup and I will post it on your behalf with due credit, this is a great spot to have a skyte about your collection…we love the stories.

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Page 1st Published : May 6, 2013 @ 20:35

4 comments to “Collecting or Hoarding?”

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  1. Chris Pyke - August 13, 2013 at 10:55 pm

    Are you interested in letting go of Plucka and Ossie as I have a vast collection of Hey Hey Its Saturday Merchandise. I have about 30 Plucka dolls and about 8 ossie dolls in my collection. Please comment back asap. Regards Chris

    • Pete

      Pete - August 14, 2013 at 7:23 am

      G’day Chris. Cool, Would love to see photos of them. I too have a collection of hey hey characters, these two had tags so they went on the shelf to keep I’m afraid. I collect Aussie children’s Television, and as you know this has recently had a serge in popularity, and these now sell at good prices in good condition. The best Pluka I saw recently on E-bay had tags and signatures of 3 or 4 human stars of the show. Keep up the good collecting champ!

  2. EDDIE - August 27, 2014 at 4:56 pm

    When can I find old original Tom Piper food can?
    Anybody can spare one?

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