Mixed Bag

Somethings in my collection are interesting pieces but don’t fit into a category so Im sharing some on this page.

ICEE Bear was the character behind ICEE drinks, sort of like a 7-11 Slurpee. This is a plastic money box that promoted the drink back in the 70’s, I found this one many years ago … these are rare in Australia.Icee Bear Money Box Vintage 70s
Most Milk Bars had a donation box on the counter to raise money for something worthy. Often you would see these Guide Dog boxes at the point of sale… Now more modern designs / versions are used.
Vintage Guide Dog Donation Box

I love the old brands that used Australian animals and icons as their brand name, here is a classic, Kookaburra shoe laces . ..

Plasticine (below) is a molding clay that we used to use at school and home for all kinds of projects. Plasticine disappeared for a few years and after some ownership changes it has made a comeback and is widely used in stop motion animation ……More For Members Here

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