Why Australian Collectibles?

Australian Collectibles

When a close friend who was a collector passed away in the 80’s, I acquired many old unique items, many of which I still have today. This acquisition started an addiction to collecting things from Australia’s yester years…
Back in the 80s I owned some barber/hair shops in Melbourne and one of them was decorated with many of these old antiques & funky collectibles…..

This photo of the Griffith’s Bros enamel sign is extremely rare because each one of these had different amount of miles on them so ‘one of’s’ and a this is a favourite of mine. Acquired from a dealer who bought them at auction many years ago.
These enamel signs were advertising along the train tracks of Melbourne railway depicting how many miles to Griffith Bros cafe outside Flinders St station. I exchanged this sign for a few haircuts for this bloke and his two sons from Upwey Melb, as it wasn’t in the best condition but I loved it’s appeal and story.. they were the days!

As part of my escapism from the hustle n bustle of business life, I would get up around 4am on Sundays and head to the Camberwell Markets, sorting through peoples second hands goods at the break of dawn… the passion grew from here.

I had a break from collecting for many years and even sold off some of the items I no longer desired, I thought they could have a better home with someone who truly desired the curio and could display for all to see.

My collection mainly consists of Australian products & advertising from grocery stores, service stations, barber shops, milk bars, etc. I stick to products that are made in Australia, measurements are mostly imperial oz / lb, and definitely no barcodes, well, a few sneak in!

These kinds of products were mass produced, but only in Australia. English and American products were spread across the world, however, Australian merchandise was not as wide spread, so I save them as a snapshot of our Australian past.

For around $2 each I would buy these old oil boxes, and eventually I made this coffee table out of them and I still have it today. It has cheese boxes for drawers and a Solvol box they all go in.

Thanks for visiting, I update and add to this site when I make time, blogging about my collectibles ……

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