How Much is It ?

Do you have some old lolly & chocolate boxes or wrappers that you have found in grandma’s stuff? Years ago, people kept these boxes to use the back of to write shopping lists on, as you didn’t waste anything back then. You will often see cereal packets that the back and front have been cut off, for the same reason or because there was a game on the back.

These days this ephemeral stuff can fetch good dollars, pending on rarity and condition of course. I have watched milk bar items increase over the years as it all becomes harder to find. Here I have collected some sample prices for you to show how much some of these things can go for on online auctions.

Pictured above you will see one lot of Milk Bar Ephemeral packaging.
Pebbles, Popettes, Lolly Cigs, Junior Special, are all quite rare so they fetch a higher price especially in good, complete condition. The Bertie Beetle is back from in the Hoadleys days and is a shop display, however this one had some imperfections, or else Im sure it would have gone higher at auction.

Below… Black Crow Cough Drops & Hoadleys Choc Rainbows packets you rarely see so they fetch more. Allen’s Irish Moss, Griffiths Kool Mints & Rowntrees Smarties popup occasionally on say E-Bay, condition is paramount for top dollar.

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  1. Anita - February 27, 2015 at 9:11 am

    Hello Peter, I am a child of the ’60s and am organising a school reunion. The era it relates to is the ’70s. I thought a lolly display would be an ideal way to bring back memories. Do you know which confectionery were the big sellers back then?

    I’ve contacted Allen’s, Cadbury’s, Chupa Chupa and Wizz Fizz but their responses are lacking in the information I require. Hoping you may help. I too miss the Milk Bar/Corner Shop. Space Invaders and a pinball machine were standard in our local milk bar.

    The aroma of cooking oil wafting through the air and who can forget the generous sprinkling of salt over a scoop of hot chips before it was quickly wrapped in a layer of greaseproof like paper, followed by butchers paper and finally newspaper. Stayed hot for ages in that wrapping. Sometimes I’d be allowed to keep the change from a purchase my Mum had sent me to get. For me 10 cents worth of mixed lollies was money well spent.

    A white paper bag brimming with musk sticks, cobbers, raspberries, milk bottles, freckles etc was what one small denomination coin could buy. I have been doing the op shop/garage sale hunt for large necked bottles/jars suitable for my lolly display. In addition to that I’ve been lucky enough to score some old vinyl records. One is Look There! Humphrey Bear. Also got Hush and Sally Boyden (Young Talent Time) and a stack of 45s. Looking forward to hearing from you, Regards Anita.

    • Pete

      Pete - February 27, 2015 at 9:34 am

      Anita you surely brought back some fine memories for me in your comment…could smell those hot chips from here LOL
      To answer your question, big confectioners in the 70’s were, Allens, Riviera, made (fags), Macrobertsons, Hoadleys, etc….
      Red Skins, Sherbet Bombs, White Knights, Cigarette Lollies, Licorice Smokes, I mean the list goes on when it comes to faves n the 70’s…
      Are you looking for something iconic, or something you can re-create to decorate? If you want you can call me.

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