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An all time Milk Bar favourite, Riviera Fags. A lolly that came in a box that was shaped like a cigarette packet and had musk flavoured sticks with a red tip that looked like the end was a lit cigarette. So politically incorrect these days for two reasons… children shouldn’t be encouraged to smoke and calling the lollies Fags, well say no more….

When I started collecting Australian “Grandpa’s Store”, pre-decimal, Australian made products and advertising, the Aussie company Riviera was selling and changing the name from Fags to Fads. I realised that this was something that will be very sought after in years to come so I went to Campbells Cash n Carry in Nunawading / Blackburn Melb VIC and bought 3 boxes of them, I think I still have the original receipt.

The name Fags was just a little too much for all those bloody PC peeps out there, (gawd I despise PC), and so their name changed… bit of a double whammy for the ol’ Fags huh? FADS is their new name, now, but, “how gay is that”? Nigger Boot Polish, Piccaninny Floor Polish, GayWare (kitchen), Darkies (lollies), but we still have COON Cheese ??

Riviera Fags Fitzroy Melbourne Aust. In recent years there has also been this Limited Edition which I also bought a few and tucked away. Made in Columbia for FYNA Foods Aust using the name Fads.

Im seeking in particular packets or full carton of Fads when they still had the original children running along path image, but the name changed to FADS, if you have any of these contact me if you would like to sell. I have found one here!

Within these pages you will see other memorabilia from my collection of Milk Bar and Grocery products and advertising… those quirky, colourful retro images to make us buy or try product X … thanks for coming along, I’m sure there is some fond memories here for you…….

I tucked these cartons I purchased away in a metal box and left them there for 25 years, occasionally showing people, especially younger folk who were amazed at them.

I saw on E-Bay recently that an old box of them, torn, shabby, written on and had only 12 packets left and it sold for $340.00. I had 3 complete boxes and I sold the one that got soiled by sticky lolly and oil to some of the packs. It sold on E-Bay Nov 2013 for roughly $500. I will always keep one carton because this is one part of Australia’s history that will forever be a talking point.
Reading online I noticed that the intrigue with Riviera’s Fags has grown intensely, and I now shake my head at my intuition to make the investment I did back in the 80’s, so we could preserve another part of Australia’s history. Thanks to those 35+ peeps so far who shared this on facebook…. To SHARE, copy link address and post!

The boxes do not have any lollies in them as the sweets themselves have oil that would bleed in hot weather onto the packet. The carton still has the perforation to pop-up shop display fully in tact, it has never been setup, as is when I bought them.

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  1. Michelle vintagecobweb - April 16, 2013 at 10:07 am

    25 years, you’re a bigger hoarder than me.

    I remember them and they tasted so good, I remember exactly what they looked like, they used to get all sticky after a while…the good old days.

  2. Peter

    Peter - November 23, 2017 at 9:46 pm

    Anyone got any to sell?

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