Brockhoff’s Biscuits

Back in the 70’s my mother worked at the Brockhoff’s factory in Burwood Melbourne Victoria. She sustained an injury from working in the factory and they were reluctant to pay any compensation.

So, therefore in our household ‘Brockhoffs’ was a swear word. LOL

The company was bought by Arnott’s Biscuits and the rest is history.

Here is some history pictured from my collection …

Dundee Shortbread tin especially for Christmas 1957. The Brockhoff’s Biscuit Head Barrel was the Brockhoff’s Baker character. This barrel is rare in that it has the paper headband with “Frosted Mint” Ripple Biscuits, and a song sticker on the back, most have these parts removed. See valuation in the image’s caption.

Brockhoff's Biscuit Man And 1957 Christmas Tin

Brockhoff’s Biscuit Man And 1957 Christmas Tin

On the back of the head is has the song sung in the commercial….

Clap hands here comes the Brockhoff’s Baker

Clap hands here some the Brockhoff’s Man

With his oven crisp biscuits tasty and nice,

So rich with butter, sugar and spice

Clap hands for the Brockhoff’s Biscuit Man

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