Cadbury Yowies

Cadbury Vintage Yowies

Yowies were released in Australia around 1995, however the Yowie characters were created in 1990 by Bryce Courtenay & Geoff Pike.

Cadbury sold the chocolate which had a toy inside, and was a huge hit among kids, selling more units that it’s competition Kinder Surprise, and was a Cadbury best selling brand.

Cadbury wanted to expand the brand internationally but the best selling authours didnt agree upon this, even after disputing with lawyers, so the brand was no longer sold after the year 2000.

Yowie Group Ltd was formed and have re-released the brand to an American base
so we may even see them back in Australia. Pictured is some of the small plush characters that were sold or prize giveaways.

Below is some small plastic Yowies (played with) … & the back side of the swing tag from Yowies in 1999

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