Twisties SuperCrunch

Twisties Supercrunch

Super Crunch was a super hero character that Twisties brand trialed in the 70’s, he was always trying to save Lily White using Twisties as the saviour.. classic stuff! “Supercrunch will save the day’!

Pictured is an advertising poster roughly 350 mm Wide from the 70’s featuring Super Crunch.

The slogan back then was “Twisties, put a sparkle in your day Mmmmm!”…..Also pictured is a hanging mobile that most likely came from a showbag.

Early 1950s a Melbourne businessman Isador Magid imported a machine from the USA, thenformed the Twistie Company and experimented with corn attempting to create a new style snack food. Unsuccessful, he sold the brand & machine to Darrell Lea in 1955 , and after some experimenting the Twisties brand was born.

Graham Kennedy and Bert Newton’s promoted this product, one of the first on an evening show and it became an Australian favourtite. Darrel Lea brothers struggled to push the brand and decided to sell the Twisties brand to the Smith’s Snackfood Company.

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