Chocolate Boxes

Cadbury, MacRobertson & Hoadleys, are just some of the favourite chocolate boxes we used to get from your local Milk Bar.

I have a collection of choc boxes I’ve displayed here, I slowly add to it if I find the right one in good nick, some are rarer so condition may be less, I’ll post more pictures below for you to see.

I grew up just 3 mins bike ride from the former MacRobertson factory in Ringwood, which changed it’s name to Cadbury.
My friend’s mums worked part-time in the factory and they used to get a staff discount, so we would order our bags of “seconds” with our personal choices.

….. Yes, bags of Cherry Ripe for $2.00, and there was about 15 bars in each, no wrapper, as they had been rejected by quality control. Crunchie, Picnic & Whip were just some of the other ones I remember having in my school lunch box most days. And you know, most of the time I couldn’t see anything wrong with the so called “reject” bars … oh well, our favour!!

The other thing that I remember is the HUGE billboard out front of the factory that advertised Cherry Ripe, and I looked on the web but cannot find one photograph of it to share with you.

I’ll see if anyone I know who grew up in Ringwood / Heathmont area has a photo of it. Or, if you have a photo to share of the billboard or the factory (working there), drop us a comment and we, or you, can post it here……

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