Coffee Home Made Aust.

I Love Coffee! A good friend turned me on to the REAL coffee a many years ago and I’ve become an addict! LOL.

Recently I learned how to harvest, prepare and roast coffee at home for a great cappuccino. I have a Sunbeam Espresso machine and grinder, occasionally I like to buy the roasted beans and wanted to share my findings and experiments with you.

GROWING in our backyard, when I moved to this coastal town south of Coffs Harbour, was a well established coffee tree, and when they became red I wanted to harvest them, so I got on the net and did some research.

REMOVE First the red pulpy exterior, I simply squeezed and they popped out. It can be eaten, it’s sweet!

SOAK the beans for up to 48 hours to get rid on the slimy film that covers them.

DRYING can take place simply outside in a space that gets semi sun. Dry until beans have 12% moisture left.

ROASTING can be done with many methods. I chose the popcorn popper method which utilises a 1200 Watt style popper. I found a Black & Decker at a garage sale for $2.00 that suited. THESE POPPING MACHINES, are not designed to Roast Coffee, (but can do), use with upmost caution.

METHOD. I turned the popper on (30 secs) then filled about half of the pop corm cooking cylinder with green beans. It should take about 5 to 8 mins depending on the style of roast you are after, from city to dark.

From this roasting batch I have learned you have to fill the cylinder with a lot of beans so they swirl slowly in the popper to keep the heat or else you wont get the ‘first crack’. I never heard first crack, so I continued to roast them for nearly 15 mins (wrong) and the machine made a bright spark and stopped.

I managed to fix the popper, the heat coil wire had broken so I re-joined it and voila, it worked. Please do not try this unless you are sure you know what you are doing!

Next Roast, I will photograph and document in detail, my method.

I took off the shells that still surrounded the beans, (these should have come off during roasting), lo and behold, there was a beautiful roasted bean inside. I ground the beans after 24 hours and made a coffee, the bean had quite a nice flavour and was actually sweet rather than bitter, interesting!

My Equipment, ie: Espresso machine, grinders, roaster, etc I will go into detail one day .. Cheers.

I have been using for a long time now a coffee that I bought at the supermarket and it was pretty cheap for a good cuppa. I thought maybe the taste would be cheap too, but, lo and behold, the flavour was good, and I still use the same coffee a lot today. It is by Delta and is called Chico Doro, only at Woolworths pretty much, and costs around $3.00 a 200gm pack.

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