Old Shops Victoria

Ol Shops Victoria

As well as the contents of Milk Bars, I’ve always had a fascination for old shops, and over the years haven taken photos of a few, usually the outside for the graphic styles.

In this gallery, there is 2 photos of a Milk Bar site for comparison, the same site of the photo taken of the street scene of the Milk Bar in Horsham.

My Auntie used to own a Milk Bar in country Vic, Mooroopna, in the late 70’s,  I’m sure this added to my fascination in them today. Some more recent Photos of Milk Bars is Here!

Back in the 80’s I visited a small town called Rainbow in Victoria  and they had some old shops that were operable and still resembled stores of yesteryear…

Pictured here is some shops to share, these were taken on an old film camera  …ENJOY.

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