OzeMite Vs Vegemite

Ozemite Vs Vegemite

Dick Smith Foods now has Ozemite on supermarket shelves, and I finally got my hands on a jar. Woolworths, and some IGA supermarkets definitely have it so pick yourself up a jar and be pleasantly surprised!

One big advantage of OzEmite that I discovered is that it is sooo easy to spread, unlike Vegemite, on say toast, it balls up as you spread it cause it is too thick. OzEmite has a very similar flavour to vegemite, however I think OzEmite wins cause Vegemite in comparison, is too salty. Ozemite tastes great in soups to add flavour, even as a hot drink, or my favourite, on crackers.

OzEmite is 100% Australian made and owned, the best reason to buy it, where as Vegemite, most of the profits go overseas cause it’s American owned by kraft(y) so and so’s ..

I called Vegemite to let them know I wasn’t happy about them putting the map and word ‘Australia’ together on the front of a commercial jar for a commemorative occasion. It is not Australian made & owned, and personally I am insulted at such a marketing ploy … and I told em so .. Imagine coca-cola putting similar ‘America’ on it’s bottles!

The creepy corporate on the end of the phone told me in a “prescribed” lingo, that I’m translating simply to .. “It’s still an Australian owned company sir” .. I reluctantly retreated, and closed the call, with no way of protruding his spiel! .. I say to you folk, TRY OZEMITE for yourself, make your own choice!!

I’m clearly not just saying, ‘don’t buy overseas products’, Im giving you some info to make a personal choice! Jobs for our children’s future, Aussie pride & flavour, should be taken into consideration.

So .. for me, it’s good-bye to Vegemite, and HELLO, OzEmite. Don’t just take my word for it.. grab a jar of OzEmite today and be a proud Australian!!

This video is great doing a taste test… View Video Here

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