Streets Ice Cream Cards

Streets Display Cards

I Recently acquired these point of sale display cards (some doubles) in perfect condition. I was told they were given to a primary school from an ex Streets Salesman as a fairly thick cardboard for kids to paint and draw on.

They were stashed away and re-discovered only to be auctioned off as a lot because the content promoted un-healthy snack for kids. Some are already sold out, others there is still a few more to go. Great posters to put aside. These are the ones the go on the large display usually at the back of the Milk Bar counter like the one pictured in gallery.

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Old Ice Cream Tins

Old Icecream Tins

Up until the 90’s some ice cream was sold in tins, and of course plastic. Before that they were sold in bricks / blocks wrapped in a wax type paper or cardboard that easily fit into smaller freezers in home fridges.

Over the years I have slowly collected a few of them when I have seen them for a good price and in reasonable condition. Here is just a few for memories.

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About Peters Milk Bar

MilkBars around Australia are diminishing rapidly which is sad to say, but that’s one of the main reasons why this website evolved, to keep those memories alive.

Peter’s Milk Bar is now 6 years old. This site is a hobby, and updated or added to when I create time. NB. All photos within these pages are taken from my own collection unless specified ©.

Peters IceCream Vintage Signs

…. Some Milkbars have survived economic hardship that was due to competition from the big guys, and others are being re-instated /refurbished for nostalgia reasons.

My name is Pete, this website is a place for a collectors / sellers knowledge, or just those wanting to take a visual trip down memory lane. I’m a Milk Bar/Grocery enthusiast, collector & Ebay seller, collaborating my photography /graphics skills with items from my own collection, to share with you all, let’s walk down memory lane.

On This Site people can browse & comment on Australian things from the days of gone, of when we were kids and used to hang out at the local Milk Bar, especially in summer for a Peter’s Icecream and or Sunny Boy.

Pete with a Milk Bar Sign

I have also collected many other things but MilkBar / Grocery is my favourite interest, and the one I focus on today. I’ve collected Childrens TV Characters, when I saw that at a bargain price, Vintage Toys, Chip Packets & Marvin Martian. Collecting is “addictive” and people collect the most amazing things… come and share your story or your own similar blog. If there is any photos you would like in high resolution without watermarks, ask me as I often share.

I created this site back in 2012, it has progressed as I have the time… so come and hang with us…. Let’s talk Milk Bar Memorabilia.Peters MilBar Logo

My PHD in Lollies :: Interesting read about confection history in Australia ..  Australian Confectioners :: Video from ABC on Lolly Manufacturing in Australia

Above is the Full Peters Milk Bar Logo as it is today, Below is the other stages of it’s creation. Click to Enlarge.


Logo designed & owned by Peter Lister©

Streets Icecream Advertising

Streets Advertising Posters

Streets Icecream….. Advertising from my collection ranging from 70’s to 90’s (+ valuation chart).

This large sign in gallery of the Paddle Pop Lion is a metre tall and from the 70’s, one of my fave Streets Signs and quite rare. In the members section, the Streets cardboard sign of the ice creams in the train has to be from the 60’s as the highest price for a ice cream is 15c, that’s right 15c, Paddle Pops were 5c !

Also in the gallery is Streets Signs with many variations of the different ice creams that have been available over the years.  These are a cardboard with gloss finish and are double sided. There is a valuation guide for members below for these signs. One interesting tit bit is that the Bubble O Bill first came out with Pink Eyes which changed to Brown.  Triple Treat, Wonder Cone, Big Toff, Feast, just some of the  favourite ice creams that are no longer around.

Streets also had some novelty items such as the “Skyball” with the Paddle Pop Lion. Coca Cola had great success with the YoYo craze each year and this was an attempt  by Streets to capitalize on that phenomena, however it was short lived.

More PaddlePop Lion

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