Streets Icecream Advertising

Streets Advertising Posters

Streets Icecream….. Advertising from my collection ranging from 70’s to 90’s (+ valuation chart).

This large sign in gallery of the Paddle Pop Lion is a metre tall and from the 70’s, one of my fave Streets Signs and quite rare. In the members section, the Streets cardboard sign of the ice creams in the train has to be from the 60’s as the highest price for a ice cream is 15c, that’s right 15c, Paddle Pops were 5c !

Also in the gallery is Streets Signs with many variations of the different ice creams that have been available over the years.  These are a cardboard with gloss finish and are double sided. There is a valuation guide for members below for these signs. One interesting tit bit is that the Bubble O Bill first came out with Pink Eyes which changed to Brown.  Triple Treat, Wonder Cone, Big Toff, Feast, just some of the  favourite ice creams that are no longer around.

Streets also had some novelty items such as the “Skyball” with the Paddle Pop Lion. Coca Cola had great success with the YoYo craze each year and this was an attempt  by Streets to capitalize on that phenomena, however it was short lived.

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