Peters Ice Cream Advertising

Peters Promotional Advertising
Peters Icecream was originally owned & created by an Australian company. The Green & Red “Peters” font were the original logo, The green oval shape back ground with white Peters is probably the best remembered as seen in these posters.

Global company Nestle owned Peters Icecream for a few years. Their ownership of the icecream company made some serious changes to the Aussie icon. Below is some more recent signage from the 90’s, note the changes to the logo.

We saw the company come back into the hands of Australians but only recently sold again to a French company. It will be interesting to see where this company goes with advertising….. to be continued…

The Signs with the green background, white Peters logo are from the 90’s era and are made of ‘Corflute’ ( plastic corrugated faux cardboard).

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