Coca Cola Fanta Signs

Coca Cola Fanta Signs

A Milk Bar’s point of sale, the counter , was a great place to advertise. Many dollars were spent to get your attention to buy product X.
Cardboard advertising cards have been with us since our commercial history first began, and collected today by many collectors.

Enamel signs have been highly desired by collectors for many years, (glass on metal method) from 1900’s to 60’s and these days can fetch prices in the thousands. Tin signs slowly replaced enamel around the 70’s, maybe because of cost I’m not sure but these also are now very sought after memorabilia.

Now also becoming more collectible is Milk Bar Signs made of cardboard and cor flute from 70’s – 90’s as we continue to see the demise of MilkBars across the country … collectors are grabbing these cool memories. Here pictured below in the members section is just some of the Coca Cola & Fanta vintage cardboard & corflute signs from my collection in various conditions, of course the better the condition the more collectible it is and more valuable.

For Streets Icecream Advertising see here… or Peters Icecream Advertising here

Many of these sorts of cardboard signs became sun faded because they were often placed in the front window to attract attention, therefore many were tossed out into the rubbish, never to be seen again ….. One is a bit faded so I made it B&W.

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