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” 5 Extra Smokes for Blokes”
Once upon a time
anyone could buy cigarettes! A child just needed a note or the ok from mum to say they were for her and the cigarettes were given. Back in the 70’s they usually only cost around 60 cents a packet of 20, later moving to 25’s. The pictured Black n White display box advert (in fair shape) in the gallery, is from my collection back when packs of 25’s were the new thing!

Cigarette smoking was a “pleasure” many adults indulged in, and the local milk bar always had a great array of them. Usually vibrant packaging and some really “suave” sounding names, making a name sound regal like ‘Sterling’ or ‘Park Drive Gold’ was a sure seller!

Cigarette advertising used to be everywhere.… nearly always the most dominant except Coca Cola & Fosters. The humble milk bar was a great place to stage advertising as it was a point of sale! Bright, colourful, lit up signs were placed strategically to encourage the smoker to buy brand X.

The only hint of a health hazard from smoking was introduced to packets with a small and simple “Warning, Smoking is a Health Hazard” across the bottom of pack as seen pictured.

This is a story of days gone by, of course there is no need for me to go into the obvious reasons why it is almost history today!! For members there is a valuation chart.

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