Peter’s Zig N Zag

I went looking for some memorabilia from “Peter’s Fun Fair” Television Show and in particular the clowns Zig n Zag that used to promote products, play gags and give away prizes to children . I believe they also appeared earlier on The Happy Show around late 50’s.


Zag had a Peters ice cream cone on his head, Zig had the icecream tub with stripes…
Wonder what happened to those hats, perhaps I should reproduce them!

These two entertained kids on TV for over 40 years. Unfortunately one of them had child abuse allegations and the pair never spoke or performed again.

If you know of any memorabilia from Zig n Zag please let me know.

The only pieces I have been able to score was from E-Bay, which is a sticker & a postcard, see pictured.

Thanks David for coming forward with some great info to share re Zig N Zag… See here >>>