Vintage Medicinal

Medicinal Medicines

Remember Mechcurichrome ? The bright red or purple stuff applied to cuts as a kid to stop infection? As it contained mercury you can imagine it is no longer available at shops…

Milk Bars always carried the essential first aid items, Chemists carried a lot more,   here pictured is some from our past, and some even into our present day.

Bex is Better! … “A little Dab will do You”! … “Brusha Brusha Brusha, Ipana Fluoride Plus” …Just some of the slogans & dittys from our favourite headache pills or ointments & creams.

And those days when a Band Aid from Mum fixed everything?

Thermogene, Vicks, Nixoderm, Doans, Ford Pills, Laxettes, Beechams, RHU, Andrews, Eno….. you could find these and more in your Grandmas medicine cabinet or case.  It is amazing the old products that emerge from deceased estates, most people (beneficiaries) throw them out thinking they are worth $0, but luckily some you find at garage sales  often found in the bottom of boxes, so dig deep!

The items from this shelf are pictured below individually for Members .. includes :: Huskeys, RHU Pills, Bex, Beechams, Nyal, DeWitts, Spray Fresh, Laxettes, May Breath and more….

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Page First Published on: Nov 21, 2014 @ 05:31

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