Vintage Tin Cans

Old Grocery Tins

In the small grocery section of the Milk Bar you often found canned food, especially fruit n vegetables.

SPC, IXL, Cottees, Tom Piper, Edgells, etc were major canneries in Australia. Then there is some like this one pictured in gallery called “Gold Coaster Beetroot”, that were smaller operable companies back in the 50 -60’s. Commercial canning in Australia has been happening for as long as 70 -100 years… Tin cans actually had tin in them which was later to be found not so good for health reasons.

Here photographed is some samples from my collection…. as you can see the graphics were from a more “innocent” era and were very 2D in comparison to those of today with their more skeuomorphismic  designs, ie: 3D logos that  emulate something from the real world….

Some had paper labels and others were lithographed from around 1890, where both labeling processes have still continued…. today old lithographed tins fetch handsome dollars for a collector, especially if they are in good shape….. please login to see the pictures on this site.

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