Vintage Smiths Chips

Smiths Vintage Chips

Here is some Smiths Crisps packets depicting Marvel, Tazo, Simpsons, Beyblades, NRL, Digiclix, Limited Editions, and at the very bottom some Lites chip packets from 80’s Gobbledok days. The “fresher” chip packets created since the late 80’s (foil) are made on a “shape, fill, seal” machine. The bag is mostly a bonded sandwich of thin plastics, the outermost layer which the graphic print in reverse, then a thin foil lining, and an airtight barrier layer like Glad Wrap.

Some packs have some marks caused by oil n salt remnants creating a reaction with silver liner. EVERY one of my chip packets has had a second wash with detergent to get rid of these remnants, and hopefully preserve them forever. Each one is in a plastic sleeve on it’s own now.

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