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Old Cereal Packs

Becoming even increasingly popular in the late 1990’s is the collection of vintage cereal packets, rare cereal toys are also very desirable.

The best collection of cereal packets, you will ever see, is from Marcus Taft in Melbourne, a grocery store collector, he has the most comprehensive range of vintage cereal I’ve ever seen. Marcus appeared in the 1995 Collectors calendar made in Melbourne.

I do have more cool Cereal Packets that I hope to photograph for you and add here soon.

These cereals have shaped our lives as children, we were bombarded with adverts, toys, and an array of other gimmicks to sell brand X. Most brands by Kellogs had their own character, ie: Tony Tiger = Frosties … Snap, Crackle, Pop = Rice Bubbles … Sam Toucan for Froot Loops, etc.

If you have some cereal photos to share, make a comment below and upload a photo. Most below are pre-decimal, and you just gotta love the crown wearing, caped crusader, wheat character ” Willie Weeties”!!……

We all had our favourite cereal growing up as kids, usually the sweetest ones like Fruit Loops, Honey Smacks, Coco Pops, Sugar Frosties…

Of course there was cereal toys hidden inside the pack, although almost non-existent these days for several reasons, one being a choking hazard and second many authourities felt these toys encouraged children to consume more sugar…. but McDonalds are still allowed to have happy meal toys with a big sugary Coke!!

Cereal Toys are very desirable these days for collectors as they no longer exist in Australia, and in some countries, they’re almost extinct! These toys and surprises were called “premiums”, and some are more desirable than others for their rareness and therefore fetch a great price.

I have a few cereal packets photographed here that I’ve collected along the way, they are getting hard to find in reasonable condition, and expensive these days, especially the ones in pre-decimal weight. As for cereal toy pictures, sorry, I don’t have any, perhaps there is someone who is willing to forward me some and I can credit them for their photo and collection!? I have this Weetbix Radio in the gallery that I picked up many moons ago, it still works fine, especially for Breakfast Radio! *grin* …

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