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Just recently I wrote about the return of Choo Choo Bars.

A company that has been around many years in Australia is responsible for the return of the yummy Choo Choo Bar. These are some display cards from back in the days of pennies & pence from this company “Lagoon”!.

So, I got myself a box of Raspberry and Licorice Choo Choo’s, and also some original Sherbert Bombs, the “fruity’ selection, that taste sensational!  Truly, all of you kids, big and small, have got to try their new “SOURPUSS”, it’s an explosion in your mouth, an enjoyable CATastrophic taste bud sensation!

I searched for these lollies for a few weeks through distributors after I was sent a brochure from Lagoon Confectionery in South Melbourne. There is probably a shop that sells them individually around Coffs Harbour…. but I wanted a whole box full!

As I didn’t have an account with any sweets distributors I wasn’t sure what to do. So I got on the phone to Lorraine from Lagoon who I had spoken to a few weeks earlier re the brochure and she knew my story and was only TOO happy to oblige. Normally these cartons are sold in crates to distributors and wasn’t the usual practice for Lagoon to send only a box full, but in this instance Lorraine was to the rescue…

Lagoon have been producing quality confection since 1929, a family business, and the creator of Original Sherbet Bombs…Yum! Their service, product and professionalism is obviously the reason why they are still in business today!
See the Lagoon website here.

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Page 1st Published : Apr 3, 2013 @ 10:00

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