Reckitt’s Blue Bag

Most of us here in Australia & NZ remember our mothers wetting a blue bag and placing it on a bee or mosquito  sting, apparently it soothed it?

Reckitts Blue Bluo Vintage Whitener

Reckitts Vintage Blue Bag

Blue Bag or “Blue” has been used for decades in the laundry. Clothes can often yellow or grey after time and the rinse or wash of ‘blue iron powder’ counteracted with those unwanted yellowish ‘whites’  making them appear whiter…

We’ve all heard the “puffs”  in advertising (to praise with exaggerated empty words)  like “whiter than white”, “blue & built in bleach”, these were referring to the “blue” factor of the clothes  detergent, ie: AJAX, Spree.Reckitts Vintage Blue Liquid

Photographed here is a small collection from my shelves of Reckitt’s Blue I have acquired over time.





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