Old Ice Cream Tins

Old Icecream Tins

Up until the 90’s some ice cream was sold in tins, and of course plastic. Before that they were sold in bricks / blocks wrapped in a wax type paper or cardboard that easily fit into smaller freezers in home fridges.

Over the years I have slowly collected a few of them when I have seen them for a good price and in reasonable condition. Here is just a few for memories.

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About Peters Milk Bar

MilkBars around Australia are diminishing rapidly which is sad to say, but that’s one of the main reasons why this website evolved, to keep those memories alive.

Peter’s Milk Bar is now 6 years old. This site is a hobby, and updated or added to when I create time. NB. All photos within these pages are taken from my own collection unless specified ©.

Peters IceCream Vintage Signs

…. Some Milkbars have survived economic hardship that was due to competition from the big guys, and others are being re-instated /refurbished for nostalgia reasons.

My name is Pete, this website is a place for a collectors / sellers knowledge, or just those wanting to take a visual trip down memory lane. I’m a Milk Bar/Grocery enthusiast, collector & Ebay seller, collaborating my photography /graphics skills with items from my own collection, to share with you all, let’s walk down memory lane.

On This Site people can browse & comment on Australian things from the days of gone, of when we were kids and used to hang out at the local Milk Bar, especially in summer for a Peter’s Icecream and or Sunny Boy.

Pete with a Milk Bar Sign

I have also collected many other things but MilkBar / Grocery is my favourite interest, and the one I focus on today. I’ve collected Childrens TV Characters, when I saw that at a bargain price, Vintage Toys, Chip Packets & Marvin Martian. Collecting is “addictive” and people collect the most amazing things… come and share your story or your own similar blog. If there is any photos you would like in high resolution without watermarks, ask me as I often share.

I created this site back in 2012, it has progressed as I have the time… so come and hang with us…. Let’s talk Milk Bar Memorabilia.Peters MilBar Logo

My PHD in Lollies :: Interesting read about confection history in Australia ..  Australian Confectioners :: Video from ABC on Lolly Manufacturing in Australia

Above is the Full Peters Milk Bar Logo as it is today, Below is the other stages of it’s creation. Click to Enlarge.


Logo designed & owned by Peter Lister©

Peters Icecream Factory Cap

In the 1950s Peter’s Icecream factory workers were given a uniform, and this cap pictured was part of it, it included the hair net at back and was made in Australia by SureGuard Safety.

Peters Icecream Factory Cap Workers

I believe the white cotton collared t-shirt also had a Peters Logo on the pocket, I will clarify the total uniform in the coming months.

Peters Ice Cream Advertising

Peters Promotional Advertising
Peters Icecream was originally owned & created by an Australian company. The Green & Red “Peters” font were the original logo, The green oval shape back ground with white Peters is probably the best remembered as seen in these posters.

Global company Nestle owned Peters Icecream for a few years. Their ownership of the icecream company made some serious changes to the Aussie icon. Below is some more recent signage from the 90’s, note the changes to the logo.

We saw the company come back into the hands of Australians but only recently sold again to a French company. It will be interesting to see where this company goes with advertising….. to be continued…

The Signs with the green background, white Peters logo are from the 90’s era and are made of ‘Corflute’ ( plastic corrugated faux cardboard).

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Peters Icecream Logo

Peters Ice cream Logo

Peters is Australian Icecream …well, it was!

Peters started in 1907 by a guy named Fred Peters, Manly Sydney.

The brand’s logo for the longest time looked like the one in this sign pictured  from the 80’s, the one we are all familiar with… here also pictured is an Petersville Logo, they produced things like Edgells Products.
It’s after this when the logo had many different looks each time it changed company hands.
Here is some of the looks over the past 25 years.  Some have “flat design” which is being more widely used these days on mobile devices or the print & TV media, this is what I call a “vector graphic”.  Or skeuomorphism  designed to emulate something from the real world. ie: button, 3D.

Peter’s Zig N Zag

I went looking for some memorabilia from “Peter’s Fun Fair” Television Show and in particular the clowns Zig n Zag that used to promote products, play gags and give away prizes to children . I believe they also appeared earlier on The Happy Show around late 50’s.


Zag had a Peters ice cream cone on his head, Zig had the icecream tub with stripes…
Wonder what happened to those hats, perhaps I should reproduce them!

These two entertained kids on TV for over 40 years. Unfortunately one of them had child abuse allegations and the pair never spoke or performed again.

If you know of any memorabilia from Zig n Zag please let me know.

The only pieces I have been able to score was from E-Bay, which is a sticker & a postcard, see pictured.

Thanks David for coming forward with some great info to share re Zig N Zag… See here >>> www.ddoughty.com