Supermarket Shopping

Supermarkets were introduced to Australia in Balwyn Vic in 1960, and over that 50 years we have seen many changes. Coles & Woolworths now own the largest part of this industry.

Add-A-Matic Calculator pictured in gallery was a cool hand held item to add your shopping brands up as you shop, it only added up to $19.99, these days it would need to be $399.00..

Throughout this period we have seen come & go, Bi-Lo, Franklins, Foodworks, Safeway, Dickens, SSW, Festival, 4 Square, Harry Heaths & Tuckerbag, just to name some of the memorable ones. Remember brown paper grocery bags, read here.

Also, our shopping habits have changed and so have the brands we trust. Photographed below is some of the products and items associated with Supermarkets, many of them are no longer around.

Many More Grocery Items Here

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