Fags To Fads 95

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In 1995 the infamous cigarette lollies “Fags” was renamed to “Fads” thanks to political correctness. This Fads packet pictured is quite rare as these ones used the old packet design with just the name changed. Fads soon changed their packets to a psychedelic look packet seen today.

Fags Fads Retro Packets

The ingredients changed slightly by adding (122) Flavour / Colour

More on Fags Here

Fads Lollies Old Newspaper Clipping

Fags Fads Retro Packets Lollies Ingredients

Manufactured By shows a Moorabbin & Nth Fitzroy addresses, Victoria.Fags Fads Retro Packets Lollies Ingredients


Allens Vintage Lollies

Allen’s Lollies Money Box

Whenever I think Allen’s Lollies, I think of the huge colourful neon animated light near Flinders St Station in Melbourne (long gone).
Also I remember them for the great choice in lollies. Steam Rollers (pic below), Redskins, Jaffas and the list goes on.

Pictured below is one of the many money boxes that came out full of lollies, 1 & 1/4 pound that you could re-fill with $avings. The were shapes like Kangaroos, Koalas, Clowns and many more were distributed over a few year period as a promotion.

We all know and still like Steam Rollers. Allen’s added some weird and wonderful flavours at one stage, these are just two of them.


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Originally Published on: Jun 20, 2016

KandyLand Musk Sticks

When we we’re kids in the 60’s there was a lot of different lollies that resembled cigarettes. These lollies were designed for kids to pretend they were cool and smoking cigarettes. The blazingly obvious is “Fags” & “Giant Brand” Junior Special licorice cigarettes with a boy in a billy cart roaring down the street with a fag hanging out of his mouth.

These “Musk Slick Sticks” followed the same idea, a stick to resemble a cigarette so you feel like a ‘boss” while consuming some sugary treat.



Mixed Bag

Somethings in my collection are interesting pieces but don’t fit into a category so Im sharing some on this page.

ICEE Bear was the character behind ICEE drinks, sort of like a 7-11 Slurpee. This is a plastic money box that promoted the drink back in the 70’s, I found this one many years ago … these are rare in Australia.Icee Bear Money Box Vintage 70s
Most Milk Bars had a donation box on the counter to raise money for something worthy. Often you would see these Guide Dog boxes at the point of sale… Now more modern designs / versions are used.
Vintage Guide Dog Donation Box

I love the old brands that used Australian animals and icons as their brand name, here is a classic, Kookaburra shoe laces . ..

Plasticine (below) is a molding clay that we used to use at school and home for all kinds of projects. Plasticine disappeared for a few years and after some ownership changes it has made a comeback and is widely used in stop motion animation ……More For Members Here

Plucka Duck Lolly Jar

Here’s a fairly rare find.

Old Plucka Duck Lolly Jar 1995

I believe these were purchased from the Channel GTV9 shop after a taping of the show, I’ve managed to find 2 over the years.

I’m interested to see if anyone else has one of these, I have seen one for sale on Ebay, however in general they are difficult to find, please comment below…….

This is a clear plastic Jar, the lid has Plucka on it and screws off to fill with lollies. Guesstimate : $25 – 50 pending condition / desirability.

1997  Somers Carrol Pty Ltd

Plucka Duck Lollie Jar Somers Carrol 1995Plucka Duck Lolly Jar 1997 Lid

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Chocolate Boxes

Cadbury, MacRobertson & Hoadleys, are just some of the favourite chocolate boxes we used to get from your local Milk Bar.

I have a collection of choc boxes I’ve displayed here, I slowly add to it if I find the right one in good nick, some are rarer so condition may be less, I’ll post more pictures below for you to see.

I grew up just 3 mins bike ride from the former MacRobertson factory in Ringwood, which changed it’s name to Cadbury.
My friend’s mums worked part-time in the factory and they used to get a staff discount, so we would order our bags of “seconds” with our personal choices.

….. Yes, bags of Cherry Ripe for $2.00, and there was about 15 bars in each, no wrapper, as they had been rejected by quality control. Crunchie, Picnic & Whip were just some of the other ones I remember having in my school lunch box most days. And you know, most of the time I couldn’t see anything wrong with the so called “reject” bars … oh well, our favour!!

The other thing that I remember is the HUGE billboard out front of the factory that advertised Cherry Ripe, and I looked on the web but cannot find one photograph of it to share with you.

I’ll see if anyone I know who grew up in Ringwood / Heathmont area has a photo of it. Or, if you have a photo to share of the billboard or the factory (working there), drop us a comment and we, or you, can post it here……

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Riviera FAGS & FADS

Fags Carton

An all time Milk Bar favourite, Riviera Fags. A lolly that came in a box that was shaped like a cigarette packet and had musk flavoured sticks with a red tip that looked like the end was a lit cigarette. So politically incorrect these days for two reasons… children shouldn’t be encouraged to smoke and calling the lollies Fags, well say no more….

When I started collecting Australian “Grandpa’s Store”, pre-decimal, Australian made products and advertising, the Aussie company Riviera was selling and changing the name from Fags to Fads. I realised that this was something that will be very sought after in years to come so I went to Campbells Cash n Carry in Nunawading / Blackburn Melb VIC and bought 3 boxes of them, I think I still have the original receipt.

The name Fags was just a little too much for all those bloody PC peeps out there, (gawd I despise PC), and so their name changed… bit of a double whammy for the ol’ Fags huh? FADS is their new name, now, but, “how gay is that”? Nigger Boot Polish, Piccaninny Floor Polish, GayWare (kitchen), Darkies (lollies), but we still have COON Cheese ??

Riviera Fags Fitzroy Melbourne Aust. In recent years there has also been this Limited Edition which I also bought a few and tucked away. Made in Columbia for FYNA Foods Aust using the name Fads.

Im seeking in particular packets or full carton of Fads when they still had the original children running along path image, but the name changed to FADS, if you have any of these contact me if you would like to sell. I have found one here!

Within these pages you will see other memorabilia from my collection of Milk Bar and Grocery products and advertising… those quirky, colourful retro images to make us buy or try product X … thanks for coming along, I’m sure there is some fond memories here for you…….

I tucked these cartons I purchased away in a metal box and left them there for 25 years, occasionally showing people, especially younger folk who were amazed at them.

I saw on E-Bay recently that an old box of them, torn, shabby, written on and had only 12 packets left and it sold for $340.00. I had 3 complete boxes and I sold the one that got soiled by sticky lolly and oil to some of the packs. It sold on E-Bay Nov 2013 for roughly $500. I will always keep one carton because this is one part of Australia’s history that will forever be a talking point.
Reading online I noticed that the intrigue with Riviera’s Fags has grown intensely, and I now shake my head at my intuition to make the investment I did back in the 80’s, so we could preserve another part of Australia’s history. Thanks to those 35+ peeps so far who shared this on facebook…. To SHARE, copy link address and post!

The boxes do not have any lollies in them as the sweets themselves have oil that would bleed in hot weather onto the packet. The carton still has the perforation to pop-up shop display fully in tact, it has never been setup, as is when I bought them.

More About FAGS

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How Much is It ?

Do you have some old lolly & chocolate boxes or wrappers that you have found in grandma’s stuff? Years ago, people kept these boxes to use the back of to write shopping lists on, as you didn’t waste anything back then. You will often see cereal packets that the back and front have been cut off, for the same reason or because there was a game on the back.

These days this ephemeral stuff can fetch good dollars, pending on rarity and condition of course. I have watched milk bar items increase over the years as it all becomes harder to find. Here I have collected some sample prices for you to show how much some of these things can go for on online auctions.

Pictured above you will see one lot of Milk Bar Ephemeral packaging.
Pebbles, Popettes, Lolly Cigs, Junior Special, are all quite rare so they fetch a higher price especially in good, complete condition. The Bertie Beetle is back from in the Hoadleys days and is a shop display, however this one had some imperfections, or else Im sure it would have gone higher at auction.

Below… Black Crow Cough Drops & Hoadleys Choc Rainbows packets you rarely see so they fetch more. Allen’s Irish Moss, Griffiths Kool Mints & Rowntrees Smarties popup occasionally on say E-Bay, condition is paramount for top dollar.

Why Australian Collectibles?

Australian Collectibles

When a close friend who was a collector passed away in the 80’s, I acquired many old unique items, many of which I still have today. This acquisition started an addiction to collecting things from Australia’s yester years…
Back in the 80s I owned some barber/hair shops in Melbourne and one of them was decorated with many of these old antiques & funky collectibles…..

This photo of the Griffith’s Bros enamel sign is extremely rare because each one of these had different amount of miles on them so ‘one of’s’ and a this is a favourite of mine. Acquired from a dealer who bought them at auction many years ago.
These enamel signs were advertising along the train tracks of Melbourne railway depicting how many miles to Griffith Bros cafe outside Flinders St station. I exchanged this sign for a few haircuts for this bloke and his two sons from Upwey Melb, as it wasn’t in the best condition but I loved it’s appeal and story.. they were the days!

As part of my escapism from the hustle n bustle of business life, I would get up around 4am on Sundays and head to the Camberwell Markets, sorting through peoples second hands goods at the break of dawn… the passion grew from here.

I had a break from collecting for many years and even sold off some of the items I no longer desired, I thought they could have a better home with someone who truly desired the curio and could display for all to see.

My collection mainly consists of Australian products & advertising from grocery stores, service stations, barber shops, milk bars, etc. I stick to products that are made in Australia, measurements are mostly imperial oz / lb, and definitely no barcodes, well, a few sneak in!

These kinds of products were mass produced, but only in Australia. English and American products were spread across the world, however, Australian merchandise was not as wide spread, so I save them as a snapshot of our Australian past.

For around $2 each I would buy these old oil boxes, and eventually I made this coffee table out of them and I still have it today. It has cheese boxes for drawers and a Solvol box they all go in.

Thanks for visiting, I update and add to this site when I make time, blogging about my collectibles ……

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Old Shops Victoria

Ol Shops Victoria

As well as the contents of Milk Bars, I’ve always had a fascination for old shops, and over the years haven taken photos of a few, usually the outside for the graphic styles.

In this gallery, there is 2 photos of a Milk Bar site for comparison, the same site of the photo taken of the street scene of the Milk Bar in Horsham.

My Auntie used to own a Milk Bar in country Vic, Mooroopna, in the late 70’s,  I’m sure this added to my fascination in them today. Some more recent Photos of Milk Bars is Here!

Back in the 80’s I visited a small town called Rainbow in Victoria  and they had some old shops that were operable and still resembled stores of yesteryear…

Pictured here is some shops to share, these were taken on an old film camera  …ENJOY.

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Lifesavers Holes 90’s

These were Limited Edition lollies back in the 90’s by Allens Lollies.

Lifesavers Holes Lollies Australia 90's
I bought 2 of these and kept them, but over time the holes lollies  “melted” into a liquid which is still sealed in the tubes.

It appears that they only came out once in the early 90’s in Australia,  same in  America they were in a couple of flavours but now discontinued. If you know any more about these please leave a comment below.

Hoppy Pops Sherbet

Hoppy Pops came to us from Fyna Foods, an Australian company licensed to use Hopalong Cassidy as the mascot.

Hoppy Pops Display Box

Just like back in the day, cowboys have a certain appeal that takes most of us back to ‘cowboys and Indians’ shows on the TV.
These had packets like the popular Wizz Fizz today with a lollipop that you dabbed in the Sherbet and licked it off.

Another Milk Bar favourite from the 70’s.

Hoppy Pops Sherbet Lollies Melbourne

Hoppy Pops Sherbet Lollies Melbourne


Minties 1950’s Truck from Royal Show

Had to share this lil fella with you, he certainly creates some interest in my collection. Distributed by SweetAcres who were a confectionery company in Roseberry NSW. From their factory they produced such iconic brands as Fantales, Jaffas & Throaties, some for Stedman-Henderson who patented Minties.

These plastic trucks were apparently offered out at the royal shows, Melbourne and Sydney especially full of your favourite chewy mints … Minties. He is in good original used condition except for the wheels. The wheels that came on this where white tyres and black rims, I have two of the original ones but you must admit these ones with chrome and black tyre are pimpin!!

This one has a red van and aqua cabin head which screws off so you could get the Minties out, or use it to store toys n stuff. Many of these that I see have the truck colours around the other way. There is a little loop at the front so kids could put a string on it and pull it around.

Many of these brand names were acquired in 1971 by Hoadley Chocolates, who then joined forces and became Rowntree Hoadley, and now unfortunately have been bought out by the global multi national company of Nestle, originally distributors of these brands in the 30’s … See Nestle Peters Logo Blog Here
In my opinion, over time Nestle have destroyed the original character of these Aussie Icons… Peter’s Icecream is a good example. thank goodness this brand name is now back in the hands and ownership of Aussies. (sorry to say, looks like being sold overseas again)

No wonder the stuff of our Aussie born and bred companies is becoming so collectible, it’s a proud past of these many small businesses who grew and created this Lucky Country.

A bit of a rarity these days, you gotta love his smile, it makes you grin!