Arnotts Advertising

Pictured on this page is large cardboard advertising posters from Arnott’s in the 80’s .. all over 90cm.

Arnott’s Biscuits were originally Australian, they are now owned by Campbells Soup Co Int.. Mergers took place around the 80’s which saw Arnott’s buy  up  Brockhoffs, Guests & Menz, all of which created memorable brands like, YoYo, Salada, Teddy Bear,  and many of these faves can still be found in grocery aisles. Click images to Enlarge. Sao and Truck poster since sold

Arnott’s Chips Here

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Old Twisties Promotional

Twisties Promotional Vintage

Twisties snack food has had some great promotional items to encourage kids to choose their brand over others… success! Here is a few of promotional items from my collection.

(1)  Am-Fm Radio  (2)  A Paper Stunt Glider  (3)  Paddle (missing ball & string)
(4)  Plastic Satchel Prize  (5) Twisties Showbag showing both sides

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Onkaparinga Advertising

Onkaparinga Light Sign

Back in the 80’s I acquired this rare, superbly made Aussie Bakelite / Perspex, plastic like, double sided, raised lettering, Onkaparinga Advertising light-box sign.

Onkaparinga is an Australian Company from SA who are well known for woolen blankets and dressing gowns. There were many woolen products they produced including
Rugs, hence this shop advertising light. You probably have a garment or rug yourself that you have kept from grandma in your closet!

The company who made this light-box, SA Plastics from St Peters have their name on the side of this light box with a phone number MF 1518 which dates to around 40-50’s.

I had contacted Onkaparinga Woollen Mill Museum in Lobethel SA, the old factory site for Onkaparinga … I offered to sell at a reasonable price first to them, before I may sell it on E-Bay, I wanted to do the right thing and offer to them for their museum as a great history piece.

They said that they wern’t interested in buying as this was not the logo they knew of and they had never seen this one associated with Onkaparinga … I told them I thought it was extremely weird that a shop owner has gone out and paid good money back in these days to make a light to advertise THEIR product, that clearly doesn’t make sense?

It’s origin has truly became more interesting after contacting them, and hence, I’ve decided to keep it as these things get more rare & collectible over time and it makes a great lounge light and talking point…. HOWEVER, to Clarify my findings..

I got some old adverts from the 50’s with this EXACT logo as on the light, it was used in four seperate Woman’s Weekly ads (see below). I contacted via e-mail the Woollen Mill again about my findings, but twice now no answer from them??
I think I stumped them on this one after they declared it had nothing to do with Onkaparinga, when indeed it certainly does, it’s a classic piece of Aussie Onkaparinga history, see, we can all still learn something!

In the Gallery there are pages from 1953 -59 Australian Womans Weekly, that depict the same style of font as on the light box, one ad even has the other dynamic ribbon style logo on one of the pictured blankets so both were used together at some stage..

Today you can still buy Onkaparinga blankets new or second-hand online… the logo has changed again with a more modern feel. See below for different Logo Styles on clothing tags.

The well known logo looks like the one off of a blanket. The black background one is the logo with the dynamic type ribbon on a dressing gown of mine. The logo in this light box is different. There is two other logo examples I have found, the blue one is from a very recent velour towel, the other from a old Mohair piece.

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Tazos Australia Fan Club 90’s

Tazos Fan Club Memorabilia

Tazos were a phenomena that no-one will forget in a hurry. We were bombarded with it and every snack food company was out for their dollars worth as they all tried the tazo “thang”.

Confession… I got sucked in by these silly things inside chip packets only because I always ate a lot of potato chips anyway. Being a recycle freak, surely it was a waste to throw such good ephemeral graphics on the chip packets out in the bin, so why not just press em  and kept em??

I also joined and was a part of the Tazo Fan Club…. WTH?
Yep, what a big kid huh? Well this big kid kept all his Tazo Newsletters and stuff and here is some of it to start with in these photos below.

Have you got a Tazo collection or story, punch us a comment below, cheers. ENJOY!

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Peters Icecream Factory Cap

In the 1950s Peter’s Icecream factory workers were given a uniform, and this cap pictured was part of it, it included the hair net at back and was made in Australia by SureGuard Safety.

Peters Icecream Factory Cap Workers

I believe the white cotton collared t-shirt also had a Peters Logo on the pocket, I will clarify the total uniform in the coming months.

Peters Ice Cream Advertising

Peters Promotional Advertising
Peters Icecream was originally owned & created by an Australian company. The Green & Red “Peters” font were the original logo, The green oval shape back ground with white Peters is probably the best remembered as seen in these posters.

Global company Nestle owned Peters Icecream for a few years. Their ownership of the icecream company made some serious changes to the Aussie icon. Below is some more recent signage from the 90’s, note the changes to the logo.

We saw the company come back into the hands of Australians but only recently sold again to a French company. It will be interesting to see where this company goes with advertising….. to be continued…

The Signs with the green background, white Peters logo are from the 90’s era and are made of ‘Corflute’ ( plastic corrugated faux cardboard).

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Streets Icecream Advertising

Streets Advertising Posters

Streets Icecream….. Advertising from my collection ranging from 70’s to 90’s (+ valuation chart).

This large sign in gallery of the Paddle Pop Lion is a metre tall and from the 70’s, one of my fave Streets Signs and quite rare. In the members section, the Streets cardboard sign of the ice creams in the train has to be from the 60’s as the highest price for a ice cream is 15c, that’s right 15c, Paddle Pops were 5c !

Also in the gallery is Streets Signs with many variations of the different ice creams that have been available over the years.  These are a cardboard with gloss finish and are double sided. There is a valuation guide for members below for these signs. One interesting tit bit is that the Bubble O Bill first came out with Pink Eyes which changed to Brown.  Triple Treat, Wonder Cone, Big Toff, Feast, just some of the  favourite ice creams that are no longer around.

Streets also had some novelty items such as the “Skyball” with the Paddle Pop Lion. Coca Cola had great success with the YoYo craze each year and this was an attempt  by Streets to capitalize on that phenomena, however it was short lived.

More PaddlePop Lion

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Cadbury Vintage Advertising

Cadbury Advertising

A “glass and a half of full cream dairy milk”, was the hugely successful advertising campaign back around 1930’s and up until l the late 1980s where some of this advertising pictured comes from.

Professor Julius was an icon for Cadbury  in the  80’s period with his quirky household experiments such as the memorable “egg in the bottle” trick!. And who would forget his catch phrase … “Why is it So”?

In the 1990s Cadbury wanted to be known for the “taste” of it’s chocolate, which still highlighted the “glass and a half of full dairy milk” slogan including the well known symbol seen on the pack that Professor Sumner Miller is holding.

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Old Footy Clapper

This has been in my collection for some time and I have kept it as football memorabilia from the VFL, Victorian Football League days.

Old Vintage Footy Clapper

It’s a Clapper made by Champion, being wiggled in the hand it made a lot of noise like clapping.

I vaguely remember this style being available in the 70’s. Does anyone have any further info to refresh my memory, like was there different colours for different teams, and was there a time when they were popular?. Comment below thanks!

Peters Icecream Logo

Peters Ice cream Logo

Peters is Australian Icecream …well, it was!

Peters started in 1907 by a guy named Fred Peters, Manly Sydney.

The brand’s logo for the longest time looked like the one in this sign pictured  from the 80’s, the one we are all familiar with… here also pictured is an Petersville Logo, they produced things like Edgells Products.
It’s after this when the logo had many different looks each time it changed company hands.
Here is some of the looks over the past 25 years.  Some have “flat design” which is being more widely used these days on mobile devices or the print & TV media, this is what I call a “vector graphic”.  Or skeuomorphism  designed to emulate something from the real world. ie: button, 3D.

Coca Cola Fanta Signs

Coca Cola Fanta Signs

A Milk Bar’s point of sale, the counter , was a great place to advertise. Many dollars were spent to get your attention to buy product X.
Cardboard advertising cards have been with us since our commercial history first began, and collected today by many collectors.

Enamel signs have been highly desired by collectors for many years, (glass on metal method) from 1900’s to 60’s and these days can fetch prices in the thousands. Tin signs slowly replaced enamel around the 70’s, maybe because of cost I’m not sure but these also are now very sought after memorabilia.

Now also becoming more collectible is Milk Bar Signs made of cardboard and cor flute from 70’s – 90’s as we continue to see the demise of MilkBars across the country … collectors are grabbing these cool memories. Here pictured below in the members section is just some of the Coca Cola & Fanta vintage cardboard & corflute signs from my collection in various conditions, of course the better the condition the more collectible it is and more valuable.

For Streets Icecream Advertising see here… or Peters Icecream Advertising here

Many of these sorts of cardboard signs became sun faded because they were often placed in the front window to attract attention, therefore many were tossed out into the rubbish, never to be seen again ….. One is a bit faded so I made it B&W.

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Old IXL Shop Display Cans

IXL Vintage Cans of Fruit H Jones & Company

IXL Vintage Cans of Fruit H Jones & Company Melb

These pictured cans are good example of old shop display tins as these are sealed, with no contents.   Some merchants in a local milk bar would display these items and reach for stock under counter to sell to costumer.

Most are embossed with EXY 22 into top or bottom…….

IXL Vintage Cans of Fruit H Jones & Company

IXL Vintage Cans of Fruit H Jones & Company


IXL was in Hobart & Sydney at one stage, H. Jones & Co Pty Ltd the makers.

  • In 1891, Henry Jones est the company, “H. Jones & Company”.
  • In 1974, Henry Jones IXL merged with Elders = Elders IXL
  • In 1989, Henry Jones IXL was sold to J Schmucker Co  USA.
  • In 2004, Australian food co SPC Ardmona Ltd, bought IXL.
  • In 2005, Coca-Cola Amatil bought SPC Ardmona

INXS the Australian band, had their named derived from brands like IXL’s   “IXL in Everything” slogan

Garage Sales Picker

Each Saturday I head out early and do as many garage sales I can in the area.
They’re incredibly addictive, although I had a long spell from doing them, as I really had enough stuff in boxes that I needed to deal with, sell or give-away.

In Bellingen, Urunga, Raleigh, Repton and Mylestom there is often at least one or two and even many, each weekend.

There is many old farm houses and an older generation, so sometimes you find the weirdest, wackiest and wonderful things that some older folk have kept for years and feel it is time to move it on.

Today I went out doing the usual, and found this great lil fella in Bellingen. I’ve given him a clean to make him shinier only on the plastic and metal bits as the clothes would be a bit of a nightmare I thinks. All the wires look in tact and inside there is no rust so I assume he will work. He is from the 1950’s so I wouldn’t be surprised if there is only a little adjustment and at least part of him should work.

Drunk Bartender Tin Toy

I will go to the shop and get those huge batteries toys used to always have and see if the old drunk kicks over. If you read the piece of paper that come with him it says he smokes out his ears, drinks and goes red in the face.. if all those work I will be jumping for joy cause I got old matey for a good price.
UPDATE .. Guess what? Old Bud works, he even blows smoke from his ears. At first only his face lit up, then I pulled his pants down and looked inside, I give a few wheels a push and pull and voila, he cranked over.
Hope to post a video here soon

I love Garage Sales!!!

Other stuff I found today was Souvenier Picture Holder Postcards from the 1950’s.
They feature many photographs of towns in NSW such as Grafon, Tenterfield, Bega, the imagery is classic.
Tin Toy Bartender Instructions


Brockhoff’s Biscuits

Back in the 70’s my mother worked at the Brockhoff’s factory in Burwood Melbourne Victoria. She sustained an injury from working in the factory and they were reluctant to pay any compensation.

So, therefore in our household ‘Brockhoffs’ was a swear word. LOL

The company was bought by Arnott’s Biscuits and the rest is history.

Here is some history pictured from my collection …

Dundee Shortbread tin especially for Christmas 1957. The Brockhoff’s Biscuit Head Barrel was the Brockhoff’s Baker character. This barrel is rare in that it has the paper headband with “Frosted Mint” Ripple Biscuits, and a song sticker on the back, most have these parts removed. See valuation in the image’s caption.

Brockhoff's Biscuit Man And 1957 Christmas Tin

Brockhoff’s Biscuit Man And 1957 Christmas Tin

On the back of the head is has the song sung in the commercial….

Clap hands here comes the Brockhoff’s Baker

Clap hands here some the Brockhoff’s Man

With his oven crisp biscuits tasty and nice,

So rich with butter, sugar and spice

Clap hands for the Brockhoff’s Biscuit Man

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1950’s Postcard Shots

Old Postcards Scenes

At a garage sale I found a stack of old 1950’s postcards, the pictures I’ve chosen are street scenes from Tenterfield, Bega, Albury, Mudgee, Grafton, Cowra, Orbost NSW & Hobart, Port Arthur Tas, Toowoomba QLD.

I have sold a few of them on E-Bay, and as I do sell them, I take photos of each picture…

Here is some for you to enjoy… I’ll add some more soon.

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OzeMite Vs Vegemite

Ozemite Vs Vegemite

Dick Smith Foods now has Ozemite on supermarket shelves, and I finally got my hands on a jar. Woolworths, and some IGA supermarkets definitely have it so pick yourself up a jar and be pleasantly surprised!

One big advantage of OzEmite that I discovered is that it is sooo easy to spread, unlike Vegemite, on say toast, it balls up as you spread it cause it is too thick. OzEmite has a very similar flavour to vegemite, however I think OzEmite wins cause Vegemite in comparison, is too salty. Ozemite tastes great in soups to add flavour, even as a hot drink, or my favourite, on crackers.

OzEmite is 100% Australian made and owned, the best reason to buy it, where as Vegemite, most of the profits go overseas cause it’s American owned by kraft(y) so and so’s ..

I called Vegemite to let them know I wasn’t happy about them putting the map and word ‘Australia’ together on the front of a commercial jar for a commemorative occasion. It is not Australian made & owned, and personally I am insulted at such a marketing ploy … and I told em so .. Imagine coca-cola putting similar ‘America’ on it’s bottles!

The creepy corporate on the end of the phone told me in a “prescribed” lingo, that I’m translating simply to .. “It’s still an Australian owned company sir” .. I reluctantly retreated, and closed the call, with no way of protruding his spiel! .. I say to you folk, TRY OZEMITE for yourself, make your own choice!!

I’m clearly not just saying, ‘don’t buy overseas products’, Im giving you some info to make a personal choice! Jobs for our children’s future, Aussie pride & flavour, should be taken into consideration.

So .. for me, it’s good-bye to Vegemite, and HELLO, OzEmite. Don’t just take my word for it.. grab a jar of OzEmite today and be a proud Australian!!

This video is great doing a taste test… View Video Here

Arnotts Clown Tin

Arnotts Clown Tin

Phreaky looking clown huh? I met a lady at a garage sale and she asked me if I would be interested in buying some old biscuit tins. I got her number and went over to her house the other day and she had some interesting tit bits, including “My Brand” prophylactics (condoms) from Australia in the 30’s.

But, out of the lot is this odd, vintage tin from Arnotts Biscuits, circa 1960’s … Little rust spots only on lid (fair condition), base is great (good condition), and in general ok shape for $1. ..

Coca Cola Life Mag Adverts

Coca Cola National Geographic Adverts

It’s as American as Apple Pie, and was/is a huge product in Australia for many years. Who didn’t go to the Milk Bar and buy a packet of Twisties and a can or bottle of coke?

In my younger days the markets had some great old magazines for sale pretty cheap and I really liked the advertising in them… that’s such a co-inkydink, as now I’m a graphic artist who creates adverts.

I bought a lot of these magazines and kept them for a while, then after a few years went through them, and if there was only a few good pages, or they were American or British mags, I kept the better pages and tossed the rest. I kept all the Australian Women’s Weekly and other Australian mags whole, I would certainly cringe now if I had of tossed them!

Here photographed below is a collection of Coke ( Coca Cola) adverts that I took from LIFE magazines which were pretty much American from memory, but these full page ads I kept.

At the top of some of them they mention that Coca Cola is sold licensed in Australia, so not sure why that was on them, maybe there was a few made in Oz, or just made for the Australian market. A couple of pages I didn’t tear out that well (peter slaps himself) but still they are still all pretty much there, just some white bleed around the advert is torn.

The following Adverts For your ENJOYment…….

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Magazine Ads 50s – 60s

Old 50s Magazine Advertising

Magazine advertising was a great way for a business to get their message out to the public especially before television came around.

One advertisement from the Womans Weekly magazine (weekly cause they couldn’t call it ‘Womans Monthly’ LOL) , in the 50’s is promoting Kelloggs Cereal along with some of their characters that are still today household faves …

I laugh, someone once said to me, referring to a someone who was rather “Plain Jane”, they said “She’s as plain as an Arnott’s Arrowroot biscuit”!

Yes they were rather “plain”… the biscuits that is, and tasted pretty good with butter but!

Here I will add some more magazine advertising from the 50’s and 60’s… Enjoy!

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